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Optometrist or Eye Specialist in Brisbane

Guest May

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I could only fond one review on him on RateMD's .com but it is a positive one


I don't know that you will get much from Medicare unless you are treated for a medical condition of the eye, such as cataracts, glaucoma or diabetes.

Do you have a referral to him, otherwise I am not sure Medicare will pay anything.

A referral from a GP, Optometrist or current
specialist is required before an initial consultation
with an Ophthalmologist in order to receive a
Medicare benefit for that consultation.

Here is some more info on Medicare and how it works, including safety net thresholds, I'm sure this info will be good for others too.


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Thank you, Medicare explained it nicely and the receptionist. I have to have my eyes dilated and my retinas checked as I had a hole about 2 years back. Just trying to stay high spirited considering my work situation.

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Tear was lasered and we need to check up in 4 weeks time/ he says his laser machine the only one of its kind in Brisbane. Practice very busy, very efficient. Hopefully I get a clean bill of health November.

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Good luck!

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