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The smallest Pianist


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A man walks into a bar and hears piano music. He looks at the piano and can't see anyone sitting there, so he walks over and discovers a foot-tall man standing on the piano bench playing the tune of Dixie-Girl.

The man thought that this was strange so he goes over to the bartender and asks where the man came from.

"Here," says the bartender, handing the man a genie lamp, "rub this."

So the man rubs the lamp and out comes this genie.

"What do you wish for?" asks the genie.

"A million bucks," the man states, quite sure of himself.

"Granted." And the genie claps his hands and disappeared back into the lamp.

The man looks around, checks his wallet but can't find a million bucks anywhere. Just that moment, a million ducks fly through the bar.
Astounded the man says: "Hey! I didn't ask for a million ducks!"

"Do you really think that I asked for a 12 inch pianist?" replied the bartender.


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