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Guest May

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I received my commerce degree in 2000 with Majors Accounting and Business Economics. I am trying to decide if it worth my while to try and retrieve my original documentation from South Africa to do the CPA assessment $150. I am not keen on studying another 3-4 years although it will go a long way on my resume. For those who have gone the distance how long did you have to study for. I know that you have to do the assessment to really know but what is your best guestimate- will I still have to do Law and Tax?>

Before I invest the time and money I want to know what I am getting into and for what.

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The questions to be asked are have you had you degree accredited?,which university, was it tough to find a job without a CPA ?

I have the same majors as you on my UNISA BCom degree, had it accredited with ICAA with only 3 courses to finalise before moving onto CA field, I would prefer doing the CPA as I am more operationally inclined. I will be moving to Sydney in Jan but in a riddle about which route to follow .

Personally I would think it would be beneficial to complete a CPA -

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