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186 Visa Granted: Happy (& Sad) Days Ahead!


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26 September 2013:

So after 3 weeks of checking up on visa system & email at the same time we were nappy-drilling at wicked hours of the night & morning; checking some days what felt like every 5 mins or not even bothering to check for a record total of a whole 1day (it became a monster in our lives that was eating us like acid & whipping us in emotional directions at the rate of a blink of an eye) . . .

04.30am: Wake up for top-up feed with baba, plus everything pee'd wet!! (He's a boy after 2 girls it's an adjustment for sure!!) Now I'm REALLY ratty as Sh#t! Never mind that the alarm goes off at 5.30am to start the next round of our day...at least it's school holiday, but the kids are already bored & dad has to work still. It's second nature while bouncing my son on my knee, pick up the cellphone (it's wired straight to our mailbox for the last 6mths) & squint at the bright screen till my eyes adjust (hubby is OF COURSE still fast asleep through the night-time feeds! LOL!)....

E-mail: 02.57am: VISA GRANTED!!! HUH!?! (I'm bleary-eyed having just dealt with baba & another 2am feed & burp-session- not to mention I had JUST CHECKED at LOL!: 2.45am only to go back to sleep a bit grumpy & moody again!)

Needless to say Hubby gets an official thump as I plonk baba on his chest, while my fingers are flying over the buttons on the phone opening the attachments & I bark at him "Wake-Up", he sits up completely shocked thinking the worst has happened that something is wrong with me or kids or we are being attacked etc....by the time he realises there is no threat/emergency the tears are running uncontrollably down my face....it's all the built up pressure that we've dealt with & all the elation that all our hard work has paid off. We wouldn't be at this point is it weren't for my husband! We wouldn't be holding the "keys" to this gate, if it weren't for him. We discuss this all the time & he also admits, without my support he'd never have pushed it through! We are feeling I think like the ultimate team in our little family! LOL!

Anyway stupid me: I manage to get the words out (before hubby starts freaking out, because I am crying) "I'm so proud of you!! You've done it! We're off to see the Wizard!" LOL!! PHAWAWAHA!! Hubby is staring at me with an absolute look of disbelief as if I've truly lost my marbles for the last time! Not to mention now, he's awake enough now to be pissed with me for the earlier start!!

He asks me quite bluntly "What F##ing Wizard?!?? What the F#CK is going on?!? Why are you crying??!?" It's a lot to take in & eventually I explain it all & it sinks in and we are dead quite for all of 2minutes, while little one is now squirming from being clutched tight. By this time the other 2kids have woken up & we are all now in the bed. The eldest (having "long ears" at 8yrs old) is picking up on our conversation in between the cartoons now, while we start asking what we are going to do now etc. & I tell hubby "Go on....tell her?!" Dad tells her we are on our way to Australia shortly (she also understands the importance of visa's & passports, while we've dragged her & her siblings through the whole tiresome process)...She blurts out in one of the most purest moments I've seen in my life & what seems to be her happiest....

"YAY!!!!! We're going to see the Bondi VET!!"

LOL!! Too which end her sister joined in (also likes the Bondi Vet, although I don't think she knows what is going on with us -she's only 3!) & they were hopping up & down on our bed for a good 5minutes of our tolerance!

So here we are organising & wrapping up, letting everyone know as easily and as fast as possible, because it is confirmed during the rest of the morning that the sponsor wants us there before 1st Nov to take over reigns from someone else standing in & we kinda agree because we've been waiting & want to get school & house, container etc. sorted/ vaguely settled before Christmas, so we all have a good start to the New year!

So Pressure BIG Time!

Excited, sad all things in one. We are doing this thing!! Thought it best I pen a line or 2, because the next 3wks are going to be trying! No doubt I'll be trolling for last minute answers to my questions with the travelling, packing & arrival, but will have little time to pen my contributions to this site as I have been doing so far. But if anyone has any questions of us...please do not hesitate...just be patient with us!

Good Luck to you all that are busy & those that are also leaving around the same time as us. Thanks to everyone's support it has made a valid contribution in getting us to this point! ;-)x

(Follow on from our first Journal Entry:

http://www.saaustralia.org/index.php/topic/40368-186-ens-visa-submitted-the-start-of-our-groot-trek/ )

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Gosh all these good news stories this week are making me so excited - congrats and hang in there and enjoy the exhilarating ride!!!


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Thank you so much for this lovely piece of your lives! I must admit, I had a tear or two when I was reading....You have so much to look forward to and I wish you all the joy and happiness in your journey!

We will be short on your heels...lol. :D

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I understand the feelings all too well !

Congrats to you on getting your visa granted, its a wonderful feeling, enjoy every second !

All the best with the rest of your journey, please do keep us posted ! :)

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