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Episode 2 - Walking on water


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My last post was on the 26 June 2013 and to say I have lived a lifetime since then, is an understatement. So much has happened - yet in some ways life has come to an absolute standstill. This is where we are today.

Our house and cars were sold in record time - before they were even advertised. On the 9 July we moved out of our home. In some ways I was surprised by the depth of my sorrow as we watched the last of our earthly belongings be taken to storage. But mostly, I was heart broken to say goodbye to our 7 year old dog. We considered taking her with us, but we knew she would not be happy in a kennel. She has been around her family 24h a day since puppy days and on the occassions when she went to friends when we went on holiday, she pined terribly. Our new accomodation did not allow for animals either, so we had to find her a new home or put her down. We advertised on every possible site, 4 different friends who indicated they would take her could no longer due to unforseen circumstances. I prayed desperately - God knows I could not have put her down or taken her to animal welfare. The weekend before our move, a friend said to me that she was praying for me and for our situation when she thought of an old friend who might be willing to take Scooby. I met the friend and she feel in love with her immediately. We spent one last weekend with our beloved doggie and on Monday morning my husband took her to her new home. He cried as much as I did. Today - almost 3 months later - I still miss her so much. But the woman who adopted her is a honey. Scooby has never looked as good as she does now. A few weeks ago, she escaped and ran to the boys school. My son phoned me and I went to fetch her to return her. When we got to her new home - she was so happy to see her new mom. She ran straight into the house, then came outside and gave me a little kiss and walked back inside. She was clearly home. I could never express how grateful I am to this woman who took her, despite being an older dog and for all the love and care she gives her.


When we had an offer on our house - a friend offered us accomodation in her house. They have a huge house on the doorstep of the school and we gladly accepted. We thought we would only be there a month to 6 weeks at the most. I knew there would be some adjustments. They are older. Their house is cream/white/antiques. But the extent of the pressure to keep everything spotless and soundless was really hard. I have 3 boys....there is much that happened, mostly in my own heart during this time, but I cant share all of it because I don't want to portray this couple negatively. All I can say is that I remember standing in the shower one morning, just sobbing, asking the Lord why he is delaying everything and why am I going through this severe trial. As I thought of this I realized that God has removed from me all my securities - all the things that gave me purpose and identity. My house, my business, my independance, now our income - so that I will learn that Christ is all I need. When I stopped fighting against the circumstances and committed to accept them - trusting that God is good and works out all things for the good of those who trust him, much of the inner turmoil settled down. I started looking at all the things happening to us trying to see and learn what God is teaching me. I also know that in ways I don't yet comprehend - this is preparation for the work God has for us in Australia.

Just before school holidays started, friends approached us and asked if we would be willing to rent their house till the end of November as her husband lost his job, and it will help them. They moved their clothes over to his parents and we moved into their home. We have a whole house to ourselves. And they have the most adorable dog which we look after, and that soothes our dog withdrawls as well. How clearly we see God's hand of provision in our lives. Not just for accomadation, but even meeting an emotional need.

The other important lessons I learnt, is how much my children still need me. I worked from home before, and although I was physically present, the reality is, my business got so busy that I was never available to the family. Our children have thrived over the last 3 months. Emotionally they are strong and happy. Academically they have all had huge improvements and spiritually they have witnessed first hand God's powerful working in their lives


On the 22 Sept was my husband's last sermon and our farewell. It was such a lovely weekend. Lots of bittersweet memories and many people said beautiful things about us. We received a magnificent canvas with a picture of our beachfront and an album with photos of our time with this church. And so many letters from people. And many tears.


For the school holidays, we went back to Bloemfontein, to say goodbye to our friends there. My husband started his ministry life there. He preached on the Sunday morning - and his topic was from Psalm 123 - Faith enough to walk on water. The message of the Psalm is that those who believe in Him, knows that he is in control of every detail of life, and when we have need - any need, we do not look to the bank, the doctor, the pastor, our friends for the answer, but we turn our eyes to God. He is the one who is able to supply everything we need. That when we keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith, we will not sink. We have experienced over our 14years of ministry, that most people really hit a wobbly this time of year. They are tired, broke and tensions mount as the holidays approach. I know my heart needed to be reminded of this message and the congregation was encouraged by it as well.

The reason I am telling you this, is to encourage those of you who are trusting in God, to not lose hope.


On the 12 July we submitted part 1 of our visa - RCB approval. It is a regional, governmental approval that the sponsor has to get to prove the validity of the job and the qualification of the sponsor to sponsor the position. We received the approval at the end of July. Our nomination and visa application was submitted with all documents - approval ready on the 25 July. It is supposed to be priority 1. But as of today, 1 October we don't even have a case officer yet. I have no idea why. Our agent assures us nothing is wrong - it is a volume issue. We have letters from DIAC confirming receipt of our applications, so we know they have it. I read off all the visa granted posts and although I am happy for them, I feel envious and worried - why have we not gotten ours yet. I don't know and I am going to do what I have learnt - I am going to trust God.


My husband is in regular contact with our new employer. They have organised a house and a car - waiting for us. And then, so my absolute astonishment, they wrote to my husband to tell him, that they realise he will be without an income from the end of this month as he waits for his visa - and that they are willing to start paying his salary eventhough he is not yet there, as they dont want us to be in need, and they know he is preparing in advance for them now anyway.

So, right now - I am waiting for the Lord. Hopeful, faithful and trusting in God who has shown us that he not only is faithful in the end, but even now as we go through various trials. He is with is in the fire and the flood.

So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen, but to things that are unseen. For the things that are seen is transient, but the things that are unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

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What a beautiful post. Thank you so much. I had to sniff back the tears after reading about your beloved dog and especially loved the piece about our outer self wasting away but our inner self being renewed every day. This journey certainly makes you humble and without faith it wouldn't be possible. I wish you and your family well as you prepare to go... we are also waiting for a case officer to be assigned and still haven't made a firm decision as to where to live in Australia.


I got this post from my sister in law the other day - thought it was fitting for Episode 2 Walking on Water: "When you feel you're "drowning" in life's situations, don't worry, your lifeguard walks on water"

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Can fully relate to the animal thing....we have 3dogs to consider (2 which will more than likely have to be put down) & a cat. Trying desperately to get homes still. :-(.

As to the visa...I wouldn't worry too much...it will happen. It could also be a combination of the actual position that is being sponsored. That even though it is Priority 1 with RSMS187,or there might be others onshore in Australia or that have a higher skill-level than your chosen occupation that might take precedence before yrs.

I'll tell you this....we are just so thankful for the PR...it's a great effort to put in, but rather PR than any form of temporary that you run the risk of being sent home packing in 28days.

Chin up! It will happen! ;-)x

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What a journey of faith you have been on, and obviously still are... I know that your faith will carry you through... please let us know the minute you get your visa!

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I can only think this:

Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

This has been an incredible account of God's work in your lives. Thank you for sharing this!

I truly believe that even if we can't see the plan, or know the plan, there is a plan - and per above, it's one to give you hope and a future.

God bless your hubby's employer. What an amazingly generous thing to do.

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Thank you for sharing your story. The waiting period can be most traumatic. Going through it at the moment ourselves with the CPV. It is amazing how 2 or 3 months can seem like a lifetime when you just dont know what is happening. Why cant DIAC have some sort of fairly accurate electronic timeline / schedule to help the stress levels of those whose lives are literally in limbo. There are major decisions that need to be made that involve accomodation, schooling, resignations etc etc.

Thinking of you! It will come!

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Jordy, excuse the ignorance, but what is CPV?

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Contributory Parent Visa, in this case for my Mother in law. The visa costs $50000 and so pensions had to be given up, house sold etc. Huge risk when you not guaranteed a visa.

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Hi Followmy lead

Thank you so much for this post, it is just what I needed to read and be reminded of.

I'm sure your visa will be there before you know it, where are you headed? I see its a regional visa but I'm not too sure where to.

God Bless, and thanks again


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Jordy, when I converted that to rands, I died a little bit. Will be praying for you.

Orion, we headed for Busselton :)

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Busselton looks like a lovely place and also near the coast, enjoy every moment.

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