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Mustard Seed Faith


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01 October, 2013

Today's Free Devotional from Ellel Ministries International

Mustard Seed Faith

" “You don’t have
enough faith,” Jesus told them. “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as
small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to
there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” "

Matthew 17:20, NLT

I doubt many of us have had to face a situation in our lives when we needed to
move a physical mountain. But it was in facing an extremely difficult personal
situation I discovered a meaning of the word, ‘mountain’ in this context.

Having a mountain before us means that there is something that has to be scaled
in order to overcome it. To move ahead is daunting. It is fraught with the
unknown, knowing there will be times of real difficulty, a possibility of getting
lost, with no evidence to prove you will ever achieve the seemingly
impossible... all in all, an exceedingly intimidating scenario.

When facing these life situations, either from our past or living in them in
the present, we face a choice.

Do we stay at the bottom of the mountain, allowing the intimidation to hold us
in the same place without a hope for any future? In this place, we disregard
God’s view of the mountain completely. We are locked into our fearful viewpoint
and can even blame God for the mountain being there, or for him not ‘doing
anything about it’.

Do we try to overcome the mountain ourselves, thinking we can scale it on our
own without anyone’s help? We can all be very good at presenting to God our
list of our solutions to our problems, and then we get frustrated because He
doesn’t respond as we think He should and the mountain persistently remains.

Or, do we take all the knowledge that we have of God and set it against the
perceived enormity of the mountain? When we do this, we start to see the
mountain as He sees it. In His sight, there is no unknown, there is no fear,
and there is no intimidation ... indeed it is not impossible!

Whilst the difficulties that we face are still there, the view of them from
God’s eyes makes them so much less daunting, they cannot be described as a
mountain any more. The more of our viewpoint we give up, the more the
intimidation diminishes, and we can walk in His faithfulness to a place of
victory and freedom.

I truly believe that the mustard seed of faith is simply hanging on to who God
is and allowing the fullness of that to stand against any situation we may face
in our tumultuous lives.

Prayer: Father God, You are truly
unfathomable and awesome. Help me live from a place of a deep and unshakeable
knowledge of who You are and to keep my eyes fixed unwaveringly on You so that
You can take this mustard seed of faith and turn it into mountain-moving
miracles. Amen.

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Marilise thanks for sharing this with us. It is so relevant to many of us trying to deal with the mountains on our own.

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