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I am just curious. If you are sure that you want to live in NSW, does it make sense to apply for 190 state sponsored instead of the 189 because there are automatically 5 points added? Correct me if I am wrong but it seems that those going into the EOI pool with higher points may be invited sooner, so why do more people not apply for a 190 instead of 189? I think 190 has a slightly longer processing time. 5 points makes quite a big difference. We would have enough points for the 189 but could add 5 if doing 190.


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The processing time on a 190 is meant to be quicker an if you secure the state sponsorship you are guaranteed an invite and you don't have to wait for the invitation rounds because DIAC will manually send an invite once the state informs them of the SS.

Many people have to go for the 190 so that they get the extra 5 points to get them from 55 to 60. If you already have 60+ points then there is a good chance you will get an invite in the next couple of rounds.

It all really depends on your points, patients, whether or not you want to fill in all that extra paperwork and which state you want to live in. I say if you've got the points then go for the 189.

Other people of course have to go for a 190 because their occupation is not on the general SOL but on one of the state SOL's and they are not left with any other choice.

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We have went for the 190 visa because we werent on the list for the 189 visa, our only choice was state sponsorship.

Hope this helps !

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We had 65 points with 190 visa, we could have applied for 189 on 60 points but we knew we were going to WA perth, so we just decided to apply for 190 and get it over with.

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