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London to Perth


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Goodday all

My wife and I left Pietermaritzburg in 2001 and moved to London for two years, 12 years later we are still here with a 3 year old daughter. We travelled to Oz in 2009 for a LSD and went to Perth (and as far down as Augusta), then Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road and then Sydney for a few days. We loved Oz and decided then that one day we would move to Oz.

That one day has become a reality with us being approved for 189 PR visas last week and we are now looking to make the move to Perth at the end of January 2014, exciting times!! We are confident that this will be the final move and our daughter will grow up and be schooled as an Aussie. We have purchased a small two bedroom house here in the UK and will be renting that out for a few years as the UK housing market is taking off again so worth holding on to which means we won't have a heap of money to go over with so things will be tight for the first few months. My wife is a senior recovery nurse here in the UK so she is going to start applying for jos before we go so that we have an income coming in, I will apply for jobs (records management) closer to the time.

A few questions:

We will be staying in a furnished holiday let for the first month until we find a rental, does anyone have any suggestions on holiday lets that they may have used when they first went over? Is a month stay too long, we've heard the stories about how difficult it is to find a rental or will 2 to 3 weeks be enough time to find a rental? Maybe a B&B for the first few weeks? Any suggestions or tips would be welcomed! Our container will take around 3 months to get there so we won't have to purchase much when we get there.

Buying a second hand car (around $5000), is Gumtree the favoured place to purchase a car or would you suggest a used car dealership?

We reckon we could get around $130,000/annum between us, would this be enough for a family of 3 to survive? We are not flash and don't spend heaps of money on things we don't need like eating out, movies etc.

I am sure I'll have heaps more questions but these are the things we are most concerned about for now.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps meeting a few of you once we land in Perth.



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Hi Darryl

To be on the safe side, I would book accommodation for 1 month. January can be a very busy time people with new people arriving for the start of the new school year and looking for rentals. Generally rentals usually become available within two weeks of viewing and approval by agent or private rentals.

Here are a few suggestions for short stay accommodation.




Good luck, exciting times ahead.

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Hi there and good luck with your journey! We are also moving to Perth, flying out on the 1st of January. Our daughter is 2 and a half.

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Hi and welcome,

I also came via the UK. Also went to the UK for 1 year, met my future wife, stayed for 7.

$130k is plenty if you don't live a lavish lifestyle. If you don't spend much on luxuries you will most likely be able to save a fair bit.

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You should be fine........

In 2009-10 (the latest ABS figures), the median pre-tax income of Australian households was around $68 800.

If your household’s gross income in 2009-10 was… …then your income was larger than this proportion of Australian households $68 828 50% $130 305 80.1% $156 376 86.8% $208 519 94.4% $260 662 97.1%
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Thanks Noele2106, I have been checking those websites, just wondered if anyone knew of any other accommodation. Thanks Emille, puts our minds at ease knowing we'll survive on that income.

Rikamarie, good luck with your move, hopefully meet you in and around Perth one day.

HansaPlease, shot, sounds good! Missing the UK? ha!

Thanks Drought, the info is much appreciated!

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