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This guy takes his new boat down to Cape from Jo’burg for a
fishing trip.

On his way back with the boat, his 4x4 breaks down around Beaufort West.

He tries all he can but the 4x4 just doesn't want to go anymore.

He tries his cell - no reception. After standing for about 4 hours without any
cars going past, he suddenly realises that the boat has got a radio. Just maybe
he is lucky and there is someone listening on the emergency channel.

So he hops onto the boat, connects the battery and starts calling – ‘mayday,

Just as he almost gives up hope there's this faint voice coming over the

‘State your position master’....(Capey accent).

This chap looks at his boat GPS and gives his position over the radio.

Long silence...then this voice comes over the air again.

‘Jislaaik master, djy moes die land met 'n
moerse spoed getref het’.

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