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Renting with pets


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Hello all you wonderful people.

We will be in Perth in November this year to start our new australian adventure.

I will be relocating with my husband and 3 dogs ( all paperwork completed, blood tests done and quarantine booked and paid for).

I have been frequenting domain and real estate websites looking at various areas and houses for rent to get an idea of what's available. I have noticed many have restrictions on pets.

Is it problematic to find a rental that allows pets? Mine are all rescue dogs from Dubai. Bailey has one eye, Cooper 3 legs and I'm pretty sure Tallulah is bipolar! Having said that, they are extremely well behaved and because we lived in a desert and they could not be kept outside for 5 months of the year, they are crate trained and don't mess in the house at all. I'm sure they will be spending much more time outside in Australia and intend to keep,them outside , if that's where they choose to be.

Any advice on what to do to or expect regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

For example, they attended day care here ( I know, play time and socialising is also important for dogs) so I can get a report from the school for that, giving a character reference if you would. Would that type of thing help?

Thanks and have a super day!

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We have two larger breed dogs and are also renting. It does reduce your options as some home owners do not allow pets in their rentals and in a tough market it can be difficult. However we have always mananged to find rentals in both Melb and Perth. Our situation differs a bit in that we rented for over a year in our first rental and then only asked permission for having a pet/dog and I was willing to sign a clause to be held responsible for any damage caused by our dog.

You also have to pay an additional bond amount for the pets. Another note not sure about this one but almost think there may be restriction on the number of dogs allowed by a owner but this may differ from state/council.

Our second dog we got when we moved to Perth and also only after the first couple months. So yes now we have two golden retrievers and the rental we are in now we secured applying with both dogs.

Something that may make it bit more difficult for you would be the number of dogs and the fact that you have no Aus rental references. But good luck something that may help your cause would be having SA references and offering to pay more than asking price ect.

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Thanks for all the information.

After some research, yes, only 2 dogs per household under 4 hectares. But apparently, you can apply for permission for a third dog front the local council at a fee of about $150. So here's to hoping that we find a house to rent, within a council that will approve a third dog.

Thanks again a for the info. Much appreciated!

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Hi SandS,

Good luck for your move. We live in Sorrento and are also renting, I too brought my pet with me and what I found was that in the older style houses the owners are much more lenient. We were advised to provide a photo with our application. I must admit that most people were very open to pets despite the adverts saying no pets.

Please let me know if there is any other advice that you require.


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You will often find that certain agencies are blanket no pets and others arent as fussed. Each council usually makes their own rules so some will probably allow 3 straight off and others may only allow 2. Dont go on if they specify pets allowed cause usually there are very few that do and are absolute nightmare properties. Just ask before you go for an inspection if they allow pets and explain your situation. Put together a brief bio on your pets which puts a face on your pets. Something like what you said above would be great.

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