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Employer sponsorhip 457 Visa Construction Site supervisor


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Hi all

My husband and I are desperate to immigrate to Australia however just as were about to complete our skilled visa application, they changed the rules and no longer accept work experience as an equivalent for a qualification. Now our only option for getting into Australia is through employer sponsorship.

We have tried applying to all the big construction companies however they are not willing to sponsor any employees. Does anyone know of or can recommend any construction companies that do sponsor employees that we can contact?

My husband is a Construction site supervisor/foreman and has over 12 years experience.

Many thanks

Teresa :blush-anim-cl:

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Hi Teresa

Sorry I can't offer any links, all I can seem to come up with are construction managers or engineers.....what occupation code are you looking at?

Other than that, good luck with the sponsorship search and welcome to the site.

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Thanks Andrea! The VETASSES code is 133112 , this falls under Project Builder. Will keep looking around.

Great to be a part of this site!

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HI Teri.

From one sponsorship seeker to another, let me share with you what we have learnt, and the advice we have been given.

Firstly, compile a database of companies you are researching. Work on it...ALLOT!

Find out if there are any spots in any particular states where your hubby's work is concentrated and start working the yellow pages there, then move on to the next state.

Its who you know - i.e. personal networks you build over time, and of course if you know anyone in Aus already who can put in a good word.
Build relationships. If you are keen on a position, follow it up with a call. Ask questions, phone again and if you are unsuccessful, get reasons why - very politely of course, so that you can establish what "track" you are on, i.e. is it the age, lack of qualification or the fact that you require sponsorship that is hampering you from getting a sponsor.
Following up on all your applications afterwards by phone and email thanking them. The aim is they must remember you in a positive way.

The quickest way to get professional exposure is to get your profile published on www.linkedin.com

Consider to come out by yourself first without the family until you (hubby) have secured a job. This is tough, but it is an option to consider nonetheless.

There is a business visa available - it is in one of my other threads about "a short stint to Aus to secure work".

Research big projects and try and track down the organisers/developers directly, as you will come across MANY recruiters who like to carrot dangle and grow their databases, but get you no where.

Personalise your cover letters as far as you possibly can. Research the position and make it relevant to your application.

Don't think you are anywhere till you have submitted at least 100 CV's, and then do another 100.

You may wait weeks, or months before you get an answer, but don't give up, because just when you think you have no more left to give, you will get that glowing email.

I wish you and your hubby all the best of luck!!

Keep us posted.

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A few links to consider as well:

Facebook: 457s in OZ

Facebook: Job Vacancies / Werksgeleenthede in Perth & WA

(they are closed groups, but you just click "add me" or send a pm and you will be invited to join)

You can also consider going through a labour broker, but I have heard this can be damaging to you in the long run.

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I suggest double checking the CSOL list to see if your husband's skills and experience might also fit within another occupation title?

(The CSOL is on the DIAC site - I also have a link to one on my web site at www.TaylorMadeImmigration.com/PointsCalculator)

Just as a potential example this comes to mind, although again requires a qualification but at a Diploma level, there may be other occupations on the list?


  • Supervises construction sites, and organises and coordinates the material and human resources required. Registration or licensing may be required.
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