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Barnone: The bug has bitten; i need your advice, help & comfort


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Hi Everyone

I have been avidly reading your posts on the site for the past month & spent a while trying to register.

1st post here and am so glad to have finally sorted my registration thanks to "Hendie"

from one of my emails to Hendie...

"I have heard that the immigration process is long & tedious ...Is this a test in perserverance to see if I am up to it ?"

We got back from our LSD(a business trip in disguise) & loved everything and everywhere we visited...

By way of introduction My wife, two healthy sons(6 & 8 yrs) & I live very comfortably in JHB Northern suburbs. We (my wife & I) run a our own business here in SA, however we are concerned about our childrens' future and have made the difficult & painful desicion to leave SA.

We are in a very fortunate position in that we both hold EU passports & have an offer of sponsorship from a family member in Canada (I have not actively explored the EU & Canadian options yet) due to the life style similarity, Australia is our 1st choice (even though we have no family nor an "easy" way in !). Neither of us has any formal qulifications apart from he odd "course" & "our industry of choice" is not activly seeking our work skills/experience

Having looked at the various options together with a migration agent, we do fulfill the financial etc requirments (just) for the Business Owner (Temp Residence) 160 visas...then indend applying for "Business Owner (Residence) 890"

I will post a request for advice on the "application" forum for advice on best & alternative ways in

for us.

Look forward to hearing from you guys & thanks again for all the usful tips, advise & suggestions so far.

(I have a huge document full of bits & bobs I have "copied & pasted" from your posts that I think may be of use in the future)



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Guest Seoul Sister

Hi there Dave,

Welcome to the forum, from one Jo'burger to another !! Hope you will find loads of valuable support and advice here. Do you have a specific city in Oz in mind yet ?

See you around.


Seoul Sister


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Welcome to our cozy corner! Glad you did not give up on registering and that we'll now see you around a whole lot!

So, where in Aus did you go on your LSD trip? Where are you hoping/planning on settling? We'll give it our best shot to help you out with info - just shout! :ilikeit:

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Hi there and welcome

We too come from the Northern Suburbs and have 2 boys 3 and 7, we left for the same reasons its seems as you.

Australia is an amazing place as it seems that there are a huge amount of people here who have there own businesses and are really happy, I am sure you will be able to make a go of it, good luck.

If you have any questions, please shout, we look forward to meeting you for coffee when you arrive.

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