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Part-time/temp Typist/Admin required - Brisbane


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My company is looking for an experienced typist on a temp basis. MS Word knowledge is a MUST.

If you are interested please let me know.ASAP as we will require someone start in a week or two.

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Grey Street South Bank - across the road from the Museum

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Dear Veronique,

I write to you regarding the part-time/temp typist/admin position.

My name is Clayton Tomson, and I have just arrived in Brisbane from Durban on a full PARTNER (MIGRANT) (Class BC) PARTNER (Subclass 100) visa.

I have come to Brisbane after having gained extensive experience in both the corporate and NGO sectors, servicing government departments. I am now looking for a career in environmental governance but am looking to enter the Australian employment market in any way I can.
Should the admin position still be available I would be very grateful if you would consider my Resume (attached), and if possible send through any supporting information around the position.
I am very eager to explore any potential employment opportunities and am excited to hear of a fellow South African offering opportunities.
I am excited by the opportunity to work within such environment, alongside world authorities and believe my experience and skill sets can be easily adapted to align with the position as advertised.
I thank you in advance for your consideration and hope that we can make contact soon to discuss this, or any other opportunities you may be aware of.

Warm regards,

Clayton Tomson

Unit 39 Buena Vista, 105 Oldfield Rd

Sinnamon Park, QLD

Mobile: +61 (0)421 730 207 | claytstins@gmail.com | clayton.tomson (Skype)

Visa ID IRIS 13216120201, File Number F2013/090236

Clayton Tomson_Resume May 2014_AUZ.pdf

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Clayton, we can see you are eager to get a job but really - a typist with your qualifications. You're hardly likely to be considered. This scatter gun approach won't do you any favours. I would suggest having your resume rewritten for the Australian market and then targeting your specific career area. Starting off with your visa number, class, sub class etc is very off-putting and not how a resume should be presented. They want to know what you can DO for their business. Have a search of the forum for resume writers - there are a few that others have used.

Also you need to take down your resume - there is enough info on there to steal your identity!

Also you need to pay attention to the little details: this job was advertised in August 2012

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