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Graduate, no experience - Visa Please?


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Good day!

What a good site with loads of info! I couldn't find any posts of people in my situation though.

I graduated with my honours degree in Investment Management in March 2012 and have an undergraduate degree in BCom Finance. I decided to take a gap year and I am currently in South Korea teaching English as a foreign language.

I had a casual job at the university in SA for 2 years as a student assistant but no experience in my field of studies.

I was planning on going to Australia to find a job and live there after Korea but the visa requirements made me realise that this might just be a far fetched dream at this stage.

I considered doing my Masters in Australia but courses for international students are just unaffordable. I then looked into work visas but it looks like all of my possible visa options were "closed to all new applications from 1 July 2012". The field in which I want to go is also not on the Skilled Occupation List to be considered for the SkillSelect Visa.

Seeing also that South Africans can't apply for the Working Holiday Visa, are there any other options to consider?

Getting into the education system in Korea was easy as I applied directly to a government program and they sponsor your visa. This, on the other hand, is a whole new ball game and I would really appreciate my fellow saffas' help.

Dankie in advance! :)

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Hello and welcome to the forum :) We actually studied together at UJ but never properly met, small world.

Your best best is going to be to see whether you could get a skills assessment as a management accountant I think if you're going the PR route. Otherwise, your best best will be to try to find a job from offshore that will sponsor you on a 457 temporary visa, then eventually apply for PR if you choose to stay in Australia.

You can use web sites like www.seek.com.au to see what positions are available :)

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Small world indeed!

Thanks a lot for your reply. It looks like I'll have to find a job at a company willing to sponsor me as the immigration website says that I need at least 5 years of industry experience to be considered a management accountant. I think finding a job from offshore is quite difficult, especially if you don't have a visa yet or am I just being too pessimistic?

I see that you had a skills assessment done in 2010 already - if we graduated at the same time, how did you get recognised as an accountant back then? Or did you already have industry experience back then? And if you get a visa as a general accountant or management accountant, are you allowed to get another type of job once you've moved to Australia?

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