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Someone to teach me Afrikaans in Melb?


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Hi everyone,

I am looking for an Afrikaans tutor that's based in Melbourne! By no means do you have a qualified teacher, just someone with a great understanding of the language.

I am far from fluent in the language but am able to hold basic conversations etc and am wanting to get it up to scratch for when I go back for an extended holiday!

If you can teach me or know of anyone who can, please send me a message or call me on 0478 815 522.

Many thanks


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Hi Markus, I will PM you with detail of a qualified teacher



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hi markus interesting (in a nice way) that somebody wants to learn Afrikaans

good to know people are still interested in it

all the best with it hope you find somebody

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Hi guys,

In all honesty now that I've joined this forum I AM looking forward to meeting some South Africans and most definitely having a conversation in Afrikaans again...

I do miss the Afrikaans banter and with all the travelling I have done it's been about 12yrs since I have spoken Afrikaans, coming from an Afrikaans background. Needless to say the parentals aren't happy when I'm speaking English to them on the phone and with an "accent".

Good on ya Markus

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