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Looking for a job - Horticulturist / Landscape Gardener

Southern Right

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Hi All

My hubby is looking for a job in the Horticulture / Landscape Gardener field in the Mackay or Whitsundays area, to start ASAP. He has many years' experience in this field as well as greenkeeping on South African golf courses. We are in Australia on a SC176 and he can start almost immediately.

Please let me know if anyone can help. Thanks so much.

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We're up in that part of the world right this moment.

I'm not sure what a SC176 visa entitles you to.

If it's a state sponsored visa requiring you to work at least two years in the State which sponsored you, then you may fall outside visa guidelines depending on whether you've been at least two years in that State.

There seem to be no end of jobs up in the Mackay district.

I'm with old mates at the moment who spend a week or so there and they were offered jobs, such as managing a big toy shop, jobs working behind the counter, and so on.

I was told there are no end of truck driving jobs for the sugar industry (Mackay is in the middle of Queensland's sugar growing district) because all the drivers have gone to work for the local mines (about 30 of them, and paying around $100 000 a year) and there are up to 500 vacancies in truck driving jobs alone in the Mackay region.

Townsville, where I am at the moment, is another part of Queensland you may like to consider working in also.

This is my third trip here now (1978, 2010 and 2012) and there always seems to be work around for those who want it!

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