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Qualified diesel and petrol mechanics needed


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Where in Aus and how does one contact them?

I have a brother-in-law who might be interested.


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I think that "Petrol" mechanics in Australia are generally called "motor" mechanics, as opposed to a diesel mechanic who specialises in the bigger diesel engines usually associated with heavy vehicles and plant equipment.

My son is a qualified motor mechanic working in his own workshop here in Australia.

I don't know what you'd call the petrol engine mechanics in South Africa, but reckon it would be a motor mechanic just like in Australia.

We are looking in the American states of Maine, Vermont and Michigan at the moment for tradesmen in Australia, so if there are any diesel and motor mechanics in South Africa, please let them know.

We'll send a stretch limo around to pick them up and take them straight to the airport!!

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Hi, my husband is a qualified motor mechanic with 5 years experience. Please send me a PM with more info. Thanx Renee

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You can Google ASAGroup and then sign up to an account with them they are offering the following

$ 120 - 180 000 per year

• Excellent remuneration; Between AUS$40-AUS$60 per hour. Plus overtime and project allowance.

• 457 Visa

• Flights &

• Accommodation

• Meals

• 2:1 roster (2 weeks on/1 week off)

Thus sign up to these people quickly as the vacancies are advertised by them, they did not specify where in Au it is but they might help

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Then there is another guy by the name of Ian in Au that is also looking to urgently recruit the same

You can email him at


And then just mention Jordaan said to contact him

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Hi ppl

Need to know if there are still positions open. My sponsor had just mailed me and said everything putted on hold

Have all the paperwork from medicals to vetassess certificate. Looking for a sponsor on a 457 visa


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