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What a hill to climb...


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Hello to all

Starting the process ... seems such a steep hill to climb.

Found this website and have been reading a lot of very helpful information, so thanks to all those who contribute.

I'm a 40 yr old white male living in Cape Town who is interested in moving to Australia (Melbourne or Sydney) and bringing my family along with me. My wife, 4 yr old son and 60 yr old mother.

My best bet looks to be finding a company that will invite me over.

Be sure, I will have lots of questions over the coming days, weeks and months, so look forward to talking to you all.

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This is a very hectic process but worth it.

I know there are a few parent visa's. There is temporary ones which after 2 years can be turned into permenant, however they are not cheap! I know that it cost's near a million rand. Not sure if this is for one or both parents. You can check the visa's here - http://www.immi.gov.au/migrants/family/family-visas-parent.htm

You might want to consider talking to an agent?

Just remember if you are sponsored you dont get a PR. So if anything happens you have to get out of the country or find a company to sponsor you, so you can stay.

There are plenty of questions, hope you find what you need to know.

Good luck.

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WELCOME to the Forum - Fire away with the questions!!!! You won't regret your decision to make the move... :ilikeit: :ilikeit: :ilikeit:

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Hi there and welcome..If you go the PR route, you can put your mother on your application as long as she is emotionally and financially dependant on you, and meets the balance of family test (i.e. she does not have more children living in another country). That way you don't need to go the parent visa route. If you can't then you can always PM me about it as we are going the aged dependant route with my mother. You won't be able to do that on a 457 Visa though I am afraid (at least afaik you won't be able to add your mother but I am not an agent so I could be wrong). Do you not qualify for a PR visa and that is why you are going to try the work route? Ask away though and people will be able to help..

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There are only 2 ways into Australia legally now. Being sponsored for a 457 visa or by completing and expression of interest through the new skill select process and being nominated for one of those other visa. The EOI process has been designed to allow Australia to select the cream of the crop candidates from the pool of applicants rather than what happened in the past where it worked on a first come first serve basis. So you are scored and ranked and they will then be able to select for instance highest ranks first.

As somebody else indicated, the 457 visa is a temporary visa, the program was designed to allow for companies to employ persons who had skills that were in short supply. There is no guarantee that a 457 visa will become a PR visa. In the event the company you work for has to lay you off, you have 28 days to find another sponsorship or you have to leave the country. In addition there a number of other challenges involved with this visa, you get no access to state funds, such as school fees assistance, medical care and so forth, you will have to pay all that yourself.

Good luck with your journey, it can be long and time consuming and also costly.

Therefore, take care to understand the visa you are interested in, understand the terms and conditions of that visa so that you do not make a poor judgement like many other have made and find yourself in difficulty in Oz.

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Thanks for the replies so far all.

I would obviously prefer to have the PR, but I don't think I qualify for a EOI/PR visa via the points system as I'm 5 points short. I lack a degree or diploma, but have 10+ 'official' IT certifications along with 20+ years of experience. I also have 2 more exams to complete at the end of this month to get to 'expert' qualification in my chosen IT field.

Current thinking is to leave my mother off any lists until I'm settled in, then look at getting her over if she is still interested.

Also, my wife doesn't work here. Would she be required to work in Australia, and will her 15 yr old diploma help us in appying via the EOI? Both of us fall under Schedule 2 in the skills list.

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Ok so are you going the IT route? If so what anzco code wil you apply under. AFAIK schedule 2 lists are only for state sponsorship. WRT the qualifications if you are goin to apply under IT to the ACS (australian computer society) you can do what is called an RPL or recognition of Prior Learning which they look at all qualifications in conjunction with your experiance and "assess" your skills based on that criteria. It "might" be enough to give you the recognition of an IT qualification.

If you do decide to go the PR route I would recommend strongly adding your mother from the beginning..much easier and cheaper....BUT only if she is dependant on yourself. She has to meet all the tests irregardless of whether or not you apply now or later on. If she has more kids in another country than Australia she will not get in..end of story. If you do go the temp route, then you will only be able to apply for her once you have PR status which as ncse said has it's own potholes. But there are people here on 457's that can help you more than I can.

I would however strongly advise that you have an initial meeting with an agent. This can be done over the phone. It's just to give you some sort of idea as to whether you can perhaps go the PR route at all. I found information out that I did not know about just talking to our agent and that was before we appointed anyone. You do not necessarily need to appoint an agent, but if it's not clear cut it might be in your best interests if you have the money. We used migrate2oz who were great, and there are others here who can also recommend good agents.

Oh and no your wife would not be required to work in Oz unless she wanted to or needed to from a money perspective.

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I also would like to ask this question, which I think is important. Have you been to Australia before or how did you come to the conclusion that you would like to move there ?

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Thanks miraclebabycaw - still have loads to learn. On the mother front, she isn't financially dependant on me yet as she is still working, but this will be her last yeat before retirement and I'll eventually have to assist. (saying that, she owns more property than I do). I've looked up Migrate2Oz and I see they are only in Joburg, but I suppose a phone call can help.

@Nicse - interesting question. mmm how to answer. No I haven't ever been to Australia, I've actually never been further east than Durban. Most of my traveliing has been westerly. Europe, USA and 5 years in Grand Cayman until Hurricane Ivan told us to come home.

We basically took a world map and decided where we didn't want to live. Lots of black crosses on the map. We then looked at where we would like to live, were we could possibly get in, and where the weather would suit us the best. You can tell by the stint in the Caymans that we are water babies by nature and I would like my son to grow up surfing or diving with his pops. That cancelled out places like UK and Canada and realistically just left us with Oz and Nz.

In discussions with numerour people via the internet and lots of reading it seemed Oz would fit us better than Nz from a people perspective as well as a weather one. Also due to size, I should find it easier to get into my IT niche in Oz than in Nz.

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Hi This is from another post but gives a bit of a summary, My wife and i are here on a 457 visa, I was sponsored by a company and work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Microsoft SQL & Associated Technologies (So IT)

The 457:

High risk, you loose your job and don't have a new sponsoring company in 28 days you on a plane to SA

Muuuuch cheaper (In fact the company who sponsored me paid everything right down to my wife's & my plane tickets, hotels when we arrived, car rentals, relocation assistance) but this is specific to the company that employs you, with some 457 sponsoring companies you need to pay everything yourself

Sponsoring company paid for the agent to handle the process for us so no running around on our side

Fast turn around, from submitting documents in South Africa to in Melbourne working, in 3 months (For some it is even faster)

You need to apply for Permanent Residence after 2 years (Can sometimes be done sooner), but it is pretty much a formality and you are accepted, at this point you have all the stuff of the guys that went the PR route (My work is going to pay this as well but your mileage may vary depending on the work you get)

Lots less paperwork, we filled in a couple of forms and a police clearance for me (Wife didn't need one)

You have a job when you get here

Most companies have a clause in the contract that if you leave within 2 years you have to pay them all their costs back so also a bit of a risk

PR Visa:

Low risk, once you have PR you are sorted

High cost, i have heard of guys spending R50-100k to get the visa (The other guys can jump in here if I'm wrong)

Long turn around time - there are guys on the forums who have been waiting years for an answer

Schooling assistance

Medical Assistance

Unemployment Asstatance

The last bit is that the company that employs you needs to be set up with the government as a company able to sponsor to give 457, so when you looking at jobs look for something saying they sponsor, with PR this is not the case

My wife is also on the 457 so she can work as well

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Thanks for all that info Nev.

The 457 looks to work very similarly to the visas in the Cayman Islands do. In their case, an individual couldn't apply for a visa, it had to be done by the sponsor company. I recall leaving my initial sponsor and moving over to another within a week after my first work permit expired. The only downside to that was we had to leave the Caymans while the paperwork was processed, but hey, we went to Cuba for a week and that was awesome.

I will discuss it with an agent, but the route I think I should follow is that of getting a company to sponosr me and then go the PR route after 2 years. In the Caymans you had to live there for 7 years before applying for PR, and we only lasted 5 before the hurricane got us.

I will start looking for a position in earnest after I have completed my last exam on the 3rd September. I am currently the billing system test manager for one of the cellular companies and I am in the process of getting my name onto ANZ Certified Testers roster at http://www.anztb.org/certifiedtesters.php as they recognise the ISTQB certifications that I have completed.

Can I ask if you have a degree or diploma and do they recognise any of your Microsoft Certifications if you have any ? I did a couple in the early 00s like the Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft OS Specialist ones for Win2K Server and XP. Was there a particular reason you didn't choose the PR route ?

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Hi Terrafutan

Welcome to the forum. Just never give up no matter how though it seems to get for you guys.

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Hi, no degree's, but lots from Microsoft, i also have 11 years of experience in my field

The company doing the sponsoring needs to justify to the government that they cannot source your skills locally so you will have to have a fairly large skill set with a lot of experience, but having a degree is not a requirement

We went the 457 route as i was actually just looking around when i had a recruiter contact me and make a few offers, the interview went well and they offered a great package with full relocation, PR wasn't even an option we considered

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