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Any young families in St Ives / Gordon


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Hi there,

We are thinking of moving out of Manly into the suburbs in the next few months as the family is growing.

Any young families in the area? How do you find it in terms of community / friendships?

Anyone commut to the city - how is it?

Any information greatly appreciated.

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Hey R, I am sure you will find plenty of them. We are also making a move to the "burbs" in the next few months. We have been in the completely brilliant Inner West for 3 and a half years and are heading to Frenchs Forest area. We have had a few LSDs to the area and it makes me want to go lie down in a darkened room afterwards. I am in complete denial. Good luck to you.

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One of the best places in Gordon to meet other parents is through Gordon Library.

You can join Rock A Bye Baby Bounce


Contact Gordon Library on 9424 0909 it is free

Or you can do Kindermusik http://www.jimjammusic.com.au/ at Gordon Library that is a paid class, great opportunity to meet heaps of other mothers and their kids.

Join one of the playgroups at one of the local churches it open to all you don’t have to be a member.

You could possibly attend http://www.stmartinskillara.org/#/kids-and-youth/playtime it on Wed from 10am -12noon $5 a session in Killara or $30 per school term.

Gymbaroo in Pymble http://www.gymbaroo.com.au/franchise.php?ctry=au&st=NSW&fid=64 is another awesome place to meet other mothers and their children.

Little Kickers


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There is a lovely playgroup in Thornleigh on a Friday morning from 9:30am to 11am at Northridge Vineyard Christian Fellowship http:// www.northridgevcf.org.au for children 0-5. Mothers all over the North Shore drive to attend it. The people are super welcoming. Possibly another place to meet other parents with children. Address: 6 Chilvers Rd, Thornleigh Phone: 02-8407-9941 Fax: 02-8407-9949 Email: office@northridgevcf.org.au

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