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Moving To Melbourne From Cape Town


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My name is Maryke, I’m 27yrs old and I am moving to Australia from Cape Town arriving on the 20th July to start my new life with my partner (he is Australian).

Starting to get really nervous, I will be arriving in Sydney seeing some sites and meeting some of his family and then heading down to Melbourne where we will be living.

Just want to know what people’s experiences have been who have moved to Melbourne.

I hope it will be better for me as at least my man is Australian so i only have to half settle in, lol..

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Welcome and congratulations on your move! Hope you fall in love with Melbourne. At least the battle is half won, as you said, your partner is Australian, so you have him on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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Hi, my wife and I are in Melbourne and loving it, you can't go wrong, give us a shout when you get here

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My daughter moved from Adelaide to Melbourne last year and she just loves living there-I don't think she will come back to little old Adelaide!

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We arrived a week ago and are really loving it. Good luck with your move.

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Thanks heaps guys.. I am so excited and nervous as well.. Some people are making me feel bad for leaving but from what I red a lot of people get that..

Nev we'd love to catch up when I get settled in..

Joweni, where abouts did your daughter move, is she on this site??

Allison, reading your posts make me so at ease, glad your loving it....

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We're a family of five in our third year of living in Melbourne. I miss the Pta weather and the family, but life in this city (rated consistently as one of the top liveable cities in the world) keeps on surprising me. The three teenagers in our house have diverse interests and they have mastered the public transport system to take them wherever they meet up with friends. We keep on exploring the natural, cultural, sporting and other attractions and I believe we have hardly scratched the surface! Would we move soon? Unlikely - as my daughter says - "ons wortels is al klaar te diep geplant"



PS Good to see so many new arrivals to Melbourne, please feel free to catch up for a coffee in the city!

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Hi maryke,

My family and I are moving to Melbourne in August. We have previously visited Melbourne and loved it.

On this forum, from now until August there are quite a few of us landing. However you are fortunate in that you have your own personal tour guide.

All the best to you.

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MG Family, thanks for your encouraging words, even though I have the benefit of an Australian man it's still scary leaving everything you have ever known... I have never left South Africa before... But I guess love has chosen this path for me..

It's just so good to see so many "Safa's" in Australia and Melbourne loving it... I just hope that when I settle in I can help anyone else settling after me...

RAD, wishing u all the best with your move... Seems like we have quite a lot of South Africans in Australia...

Soooooooooo excited... Only -

9 Days OR

235hrs OR

14136 mins OR

848240 seconds...

Not that I'm counting....

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  • 2 weeks later...

40hrs till I land in Australia.... So many emotions taking over my body.... So hard with all family everyone wants to see me and just doesn't seem like enough time.... Plus here's the WORST thing, I have never ever been on a plane.... Guess its time I start freaking out a bit....

See you all in Australia soon.... If the plane makes it....

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Exciting times ahead! Good luck with this last stretch on this side - hope you have an excellent flight and a great trip!

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Thanks Basil & Liezl....

So excited...

Hope you guys are looking forward to Melbourne, I'll update you more when I land and the emotions and nerves have settled..

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Happy flying Maryke....great to be flying off into the sunset starting a new life....Enjoy

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Hi Maryke,

Appreciate this is a late reply - better late than never (even if you are already on the plane)!

Melbourne is the best city in Australia hands down. No other Australian city can compare to this jewel.

I've heard Sydney compared to an American city and Melbourne to an European city. This is spot on. To me Melbourne feels like a blend of Cape Town and London.

Sydney is expensive and overrated in my opinion. It's good to visit for a look-see but there are better, more livable cities in Australia for example Melbourne (as another member said) and Canberra (the capital).

For a start, Melbourne people are friendlier and warmer than pretentious Sydney. Melbourne is a well designed city, proud of it's cultural heritage, architectural design and has a welcoming ambiance. Sights like Federation Square and the Botanical Gardens are impressive.

Sydney on the other hand, (according to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper last year), has been branded Australia's worst city – by its own residents. To be blunt, I think the town planners were smoking weed as they built it!

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/sydney-is-the-worst-say-those-who-know-20110122-1a0kc.html#ixzz213B9VOYc

However, memorable Sydney sights include:

  • Manly to Circular Quay ferry ride at sunset,
  • Bondi to Bronte beach walk on a sunny day,
  • Manly to Palm Beach drive via Northern Beaches (Dee Why, Narrabeen, Whale Beach),
  • Taronga Zoo,
  • Double decker trains and great public transport

Other good sights off the beaten track include:

  • Sydney to Wollongong tourist (coast) drive,
  • Stanwell Park hang gliders (amazing view down coastline towards Wollongong),
  • Terrigal / Avoca Beach near Gosford (90 mins north out of Sydney),
  • Blue Mountains

Hope you had a good flight and welcome to Australia!

Enjoy your new life down under in one of the luckiest countries on earth :ilikeit:

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