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Any SA Hairdressers?


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Been here 4.5 years and still frustrated by the colour I end up with when I go for highlights. And my cut too. So depressing. Cape Town just way to far to go for highlights!!

I'm SOR but willing to travel NOR for someone who understands what I want. IE not unsubtle, straw coloured highlights & walking out with regrowth...

Help! Please PM when you post as I don't come on here very often anymore.



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You can contact

Jarred at Tryst in Scarbourgh Beach Tel 9444 6400

Lee Bothma at Sumos in Padburg on 9401 5853

I go to Lee , and have been for the past 8 years

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I go to a lovely lady in Mullalloo, hair has never been better she owned 3 award winning salons in Pretoria. PM me for details

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There's a SA hairdresser in Como. The salon is called Aoki (google them and you'll find their website). I haven't been to them but a few other ladies have and really like them.

I go to Head Studio in the city and am very happy with my cuts. Haven't had any colour done yet, but will gladly do it as they participate in the Loreal Colour Cup competition each year and have won numerous awards. The also do hair at Australian Fashion Week. Plus you get a nice cup of tea of coffee (or a glass of wine if it's later in the day) B)

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