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carm: new here


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Hi, my name is Carm. I grew up in SA, my parents are Spanish. My husband and I have lived in SA, Spain, and New Zealand. I currently live in Germany with my husband and two children, 12 and 10. We are keen to move on again and are looking for options in Canada and Australia. At first glance our options seem limited because of age (46) but we are prepared to persevere and see if there are opportunities regardless. I have scanned some of the threads on this forum, it looks like a pleasant and friendly one. I hope to learn from it as well as contribute to it.

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Welcome Carm! Seems like you have a treasure of life experience and must sure have a lot of stories you could WOW your grandchildren with one day! (Maybe you could share some with us?...) Welcome to our forum - yes, it is a friendly one and if you need any info, just shout, we'll do our best!

If you need specific info on Visas etc. a good place to start would be in the "application" section - you may even find what you need to know already being posted there.

Hope to see you around a lot! (Maybe you could even post some photographs of where you live in the travel section - it's always interesting to see the world through the lens of a fellow forumite! :blink: )

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Guest Seoul Sister

Hey there Carm,

Welcome. :blink: Hope you find some answers and make some friends ! Looking forward to hearing more about your interesting life !!


Seoul Sister


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Hi Carm

Welcome-we have a few things in common:

-Canada or Australia?

-Hubby over 45

I have found all my information on both places on the forum and I am sure that you will too. Have to run but see you 'around' :P

VIVA ESPANA (can't find the curly thing to go ontop of the n) :):P La lalala lalalalala..... ;)


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