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"According to Dr. Lidy Pelsser's study, 64 percent of children diagnosed with ADHD are actually experiencing a hypersensitivity to food."


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Pietkoos the following ink is also very informative

I can highly recommend the book “Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brainhttp://www.walshresearch.mybigcommerce.com/nutrient-power-book/ which is well worth a read by author William J. Walsh, Ph.D who is a scientist. Very eye opening. If you have a family or friends with a history where one of the following things are present like Alzheimer’s disease, behavioural disorders, ADD, ADHD, learning disorders, allergies and Autism, depression etc are present. The book very well researched. It describes individualized nutrient therapies tailored to biochemical imbalances. The book includes case studies and theory describing how the brain can be healed by identifying nutrient deficiencies and overloads, and how natural, drug-free therapies has the potential to effectively correct the imbalances. If you want to get idea of the authors writing style have a look at http://www.biobalance.org.au/articles/10 “Biochemical Individuality and Nutrition By Bill Walsh, Ph.D.” The article highlights how important it is to be treated for chemical imbalances and that one shoe does not fit all.

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Thank you Sonnetjie, for always bringing these topics to our attention. My kids, thankfully, seem to have no allergies and seem to be as resilient as anything but, then again, we follow a very natural way of living. I read your posts with interest and email it on to a huge group of mothers I know. Its not really a coincidence, but just a few weeks after you posted about the gut/Autism link above, this clip was on Four Corners and is now the talk of the town (of at least the playgroups).


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You might find the following link

of interest. It starts really slow but adds to the ABC four corners debate. The doc has had some terrific results. It is well worth having the knowledge in ones back pocket as one can use it as a preventative measure. If more parents were aware of what she was saying it could be that we could make better informed decisions re our children.
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