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Passport validity


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We are planning a trip back to South Africa this December. We've just realised that our kids South African passports expire in April 2013. So only four months past our expected return date to Australia.

I can't see it being a problem entering SA but will it be a problem re-entering Australia as the passports won't have six months validity over,

I can't find a straight answer and I'm on the point of paying for the flights.



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Usually when you travel into a country as a visitor, you are required to have 6 months before expiry on your passport. Depending on your visa status, that may not be the case when you return to Australia. Call DIAC and check rather than going on hearsay - its an easy call to make for peace of mind :)

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If you have a PR visa then the validity of your SA passports won't be an issue with Australian immigration.

Just get the ball rolling for new SA passports the minute you get back from SA.

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It is recommended if not required by most countries to have at least 2 blank pages in your passport when you travel regardless of what country is it from. Also, the passport must have a minimum of 6 months of validity upon your arrival date into any country.

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