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Air travel within australia

Annelie Siemens

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Hi everyone,

So we would like to explore oz a bit, we are in wa, and I need to know which airline is the best to use for internal flights, and then also flights to Bali, Phuket etc?

I see jetstar is advertising a bit now, and a friend of ours has booked some flights with webjet,

But just want to get some other info from the jetsetters on the forum.



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Use webjet to compare all flight prices, not the airline and flight number you want and then go directly to the airline's website to make the booking. Webjet charge you a fee for using their service if you book through them, but doing the actual search is free.

I prefer flying Virgin, but all the flights are relatively short, so it's no biggie to just fly the cheapest. Just beware if Tiger and the like - their flights NEVER leave on time and sometimes get cancelled completely.

Happy travels!

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I generally find that you get what you pay for. The budget airlines seem like a good idea but once you've factored in the credit card fee, the baggage fees, the cost of food and drinks on board and the breathing tax, you may as well have flown with Qantas and avoided the budget customer service...

I find that when things go wrong, the likes of Qantas and Virgin tend to deal with issues much better than the budget airlines, and for that, I rather fly with them. And then there's also frequent flyer points and airport lounges, etc.

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I like to compare what is available, you often find that you may get better prices on other sites than directly with the airline in question.

You can try the following:





Good luck, enjoy your travels!

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