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Another Newbie ......


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Hello All

We have decided, with a lot of mixed emotion, to get on with it .... and with it, I mean the MOVE...... to Melbourne

We got our PR's a couple of years ago and have been 'uhming and ahing' but we have now decided that we have to do this.

We have have been to Sydney, Brisbane and I visited Melbourne recently .... it's all getting real now.

Our house here in SA is on the market, and today was the first showday ..... we went to the movies but all I could think about was not wanting to move out of our house ....... mmmmmm..... and then having to rent untill we leave ... hate that idea :-(

Anyway, our move date is pinned as somewhere around the end of 2013 and I am now trying to work out what needs to be done when .... this will be a work in progress for the next 3 weeks.

I would like to know the opinions of you on this forum about the following:

  • What is involved if you want to bring your animals with you ...cat and dog .... what are the costs, who does it and are the poor animals still sane after the quarantine period which is horrendously long?
  • I have heard comments about "buy new in Aus" versus "taking your stuff in a container" ... preferences??
    On my visit to Melbourne, I went 'shopping' for prices to replace all our stuff, and that was scary. I had my friends in Melbourne helping me gather data and they were the only reason I'm still sane :-)
  • Anybody bring over something like a motor vehicle? I was considering bringing my bike trailer as there is nothing like what I have available in Australia, and I am toying again with the idea of bringing my car with. What are the difficulties / considerations?

We wish life could be simple and these difficult decisions could be easier to make ......


If it wasn't for law enforcement or physics, I'd be unstoppable :-o

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We are moving to Melbourne in August. Also holding thumbs for our house to be sold (nail biting).

We decided to sell most our stuff here and buy there. For us we found it seems doing it this way poses less hassles or as I'd like the more Zen explanation of minimalist living(well that will be my excuse if i cannot afford most things over there...lol).

I do not have pets but from this forum and from info gathering in general pets have to remain in quarantine for a period of time.

I am sure I have read in one of the other threads of people bringing over trailers.

Anyway welcome



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Pets are fine with the quarantine - the kennels are excellent. Apparently they can now go via New Zealand and that cuts down the quarantine period there was a recent post on this. Otherwise get in touch with Keringa and they will guide you through what is needed and then you can figure out the best option for your pets.

Buy new or container? Only you know but if your furniture is good may be worth bringing it. If you have children it can be that sense of continuity the same stuff they remember from their old home. Are you coming with a job or not? Buying new when you are still paying in South African Rands can be very daunting. May be worth checking out the website of various stores to see what the comparative cost would be of the goods you already have to see if it would be worth it.

Sorry cant help with the bike trailer or car issue - maybe someone else would be able to advise.

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welcome to the forum and all the best with your move...

we brought our stuff, I have not regretted it at all, IMHO furniture is expensive or cheap junk!

don't think bringing a car is worth it unless it is a vintage or something special...

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Welcome to the Forum! We are moving to Melbourne in August, and are taking a 20 foot container, so had to get rid of some things, some of which we will have to replace in Oz - we could not justify the cost a 40 foot container, as we did not have enough to fill it.

Good luck with the sale of the house.

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Welcome :ilikeit: :ilikeit: :ilikeit:

If your furniture is new - bring it.... but if you have stuff that is old and that is heading for the trash - don't bring it. There are always specials on everywhere, just watch the ads and do your homework. Don't believe it is worth it to bring your car...

Good luck :ilikeit: :ilikeit: :ilikeit:

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Welcome, we did the full sell up and buy over here, no kids made it easy so we are taking our time and getting good stuff

Sent 100kg's over by air freight and sold / gave away the rest

The houses here are a lot smaller, and the fridges generally dont fit,

Also we had a bed, fridge and kitchen setup by day 2 of moving into the new place, Full bedroom and living room 1 week later, the container can take 2 months to nearly a year in the case of one forum chap and in that time you will be living out of plastic bags

Personally i would say, if you can, just bite the bullet

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the welcomes / comments .....

We are finding the whole thing very daunting .... but I guess we will cross each bridge as we get to it.

In terms of costs, my last visit to Melbourne included trips to various stores to price home contents and I guess the price of the container and a short wait outweighs what I have calculated we would have to spend to setup.

@Zoot, we have a 7 year old daughter and I agree with bringing her stuff .... when she saw the 'For Sale' sign outside her house she was devastated .... making me feel like a dog .... oh well, at least she is now looking forward to our adventure.

I plan to wait until I land in Aus to find work .... I am in SAP business systems and the demand does seem high, and we know some folks in the Australian SAP environment .... I guess that makes things a little more tense, but I would like the option of taking a couple of months off to get settled before getting into that work rut thing :-) .... at least my financial planning is aiming at that scenario :-o

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My suggestion, forget about the car, the red tape involved to get i licensed here is just not worth it and then we won't speak about the cost of insurance for a full import.

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I agree, leave the car..not worth it unless it's vintage or something really special.

I have been advised to leave white goods as a, they don't travel well (end up yellow) and b, most rentals already have dishwashers and often fridges don't fit. If you have new stuff then by all means. We are taking my mothers fridge (as it is new) but that is it. The rest of our stuff is old except our dishwasher and we don't plan on wasting space with that.

Beds are apparantly very expensive for good stuff. That being said beds in Oz are extra length and some diff sizes so be careful with that. We are thinking of replacing the kids beds and buying an extra spare mattress for both. Haven't decided fully yet. We are taking a trailer with (5ft venter) as well. You need to apply for an import permit before had which is about AUD50.

We are planning on arriving beginning Dec so we can take a holiday with the kids for 4w before starting to job hunt fully. It's a BIG outlay but it's a big move for them as well so we don't want to throw them in at the deepend (our family keep saying wait until the new year). Now if we can get our house sold, we will be happy!!!

Good luck

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I have the same type of questions, we lodged our ACS skills assessment +-1 week ago. I chatted with a lot of people and it seems like it boils down to one thing: How much money do you have available. If you have enough money the decision is easy: It costs R+- 50000.00 per dog for a small dog. Well, my 8 year old will be heart broken to leave her 2 x Jack Russels behind, but financially we do not have a choice.

As far as the furniture goes: We have a 4 bedroom house, solid bulky oak furniture, huge wall unit... apparantly this type of furniture are a lot more expensive in Oz than here. I plan to ask my brother who lives on a small holding to store the furniture for me. We'll just rent a furnished place and as soon as we start to earn in Australian Dollars, we'll arrange for our furniture to be shipped to us. I hope this "plan" will work out. On the other hand, I made peace with the fact that I'll rather get by with pressed wood furniture and be safe with a future for my kids, than worry about this.

We listened to a seminar by a Migrate 2 Oz agent who advised that if you have a big car, it is not worth taking it, it's heavily taxed. If you have a smaller car, and there is space in your container then it might be worth it, the moving company will also be able to give advise. The guy who presented the moving company was Liam from Bayley Worldwide Removals CC - My plan is to get a quote from them before making the final decision. Maybe one can share a container and take only the minimum. They will definitely also be able to give advise on the trailer. liam@bayleyworldwide.co.za

Good luck.

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Welcome and good luck.

I'd also leave the car - not worth the stress.

If I had my move over again - I would send boxes of sentimental precious irreplaceable things only. After 3,5 years here I have very little of what was packed in my container - most of it given to op shops and taken to the tip. Everyones experience will be different - our home here is tiny compared to what we lived in in SA. If you know you will have the same space and you absolutely love your furniture bring it.

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