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My husband and has family have owned a security/alarm company for the past twenty years. He is a technical director so he has management skills. He is also very into anything technical.

I want to know what the security industry is like now in Oz? Is there any chance of a job for somebody with that kind of experience?

The other choice is for me to apply (I work with GIS and its on the skills list) and just have him as a partner on my appliaction then he can look for a job once we are there.

He is also a dive instructor and has quite a bit of experience in IT. Would either of these industries be better?

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Welcome to the forum Kat

The advice I offer is that DIAC changes on a regular basis and if you are keen to get here then keep all your options open.

Getting a job when you are outside Oz is hard - some people are very lucky, others try for ages. Plus often the visa offered is a temp visa and you are tied to an employer which does not always work out.

Your hubby can look for a job and maybe even get one - but I would suggest that if he does and it is just a temp visa you do the PR process for yourself anyway - so much less stressful to haave PR than living with the uncertainty.

If your occupation is on the skills list and you can meet the other criteria then I would suggest you use that option. Once you have your visa you are not tied to working in that occupation and your hubby can look for a job telling prospective employers that he already has PR - looks a lot more attractive on the CV.

Hope that helps

Good luck

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