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High schools in Brisbane


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This is a mail I recieived written by a teacher in Brisbane is seemed too important not to shear on the forum.

I believe strongly that a good student with supportive parents can succeed at just about any school, even the ones I personally wouldn’t go anywhere near. So in some ways, where they live will have a big impact. A school that is convenient to where they live has big advantages.

If they were going to be out the growth corridor of Moreton Shire like your colleague at Morayfield then there are schools that are new and seem to be pretty well resourced. Schools like Narangba Valley State High and North Lakes College seem to be positive, but that’s only based on subjective, anecdotal evidence. Some of the older ones, whilst I keep in mind what I said in my first statement, they tend to be more tired, less maintained and sometimes stretched for resources. These include Morayfield, Dakabin, Caboolture and Tullawong.

There are also 2 excellent Catholic Education schools out at Burpengary and Caboolture, St Eugene (www.steugene.qld.edu.au) and St Columban’s (www.stc.qld.edu.au). Whilst Cath Ed schools are fee paying, they are much more affordable than the independent schools and definitely worth a look.

If either your colleague or their friends in Sth Africa use an iPhone, there is a pretty handy app for looking at Queensland State Schools. They might like to search through themselves.


Failing that, I’ve listed the schools on the northside of Brisbane, or close to town with websites so they can search through. I’ve put this down the bottom of this message.

In terms of recommendations, if dad is going to be working at Sth Brisbane and they think they’re likely to use public transport, then they might consider Brisbane State High School. A very diverse school, and quite a big one, but has a strong academic reputation and also has some niche programs like music that they do quite well in. They were the first State school in Queensland and therefore get strong support from the department. Also economies of scale mean they can resource programs better than most. It does help that I don’t think they struggle for enrolments, meaning they have fairly steady budgets, staffing levels etc. It is different from the other State schools in that the requirement for being in the geographic catchment doesn’t apply as much and instead students need to demonstrate their abilities to enter. If their daughter is into sport, they tend to much stronger in sport than most state schools. However, if there is a particular sport she wants to excel in, there are some state schools that stand out with Schools of Excellence programs in some areas, e.g. volleyball at Craigslea. There are others.


A fairly recent strategy by the government has been to develop three flagship schools they call the Queensland Academies. These schools are meant to be for excellent students who want to focus on particular areas. They operate under the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. Here in Australia and particularly in Brisbane I think the jury is still out as to whether IB is any better than the curriculum taught at a well resourced regular school. Whatever stats there are would tend to be skewed by the calibre of student they are enrolling to begin with and that they are academically selective. But, having said that, they are definitely worth a look, because if they suit then they could definitely be worthwhile. I’m not sure though whether they are as ‘free’ as the ‘free’ education provided at other state schools.

There are three Queensland Academies.

Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology allows high achieving students to develop their skills through leading-edge curriculum and links with The University of Queensland. It is situated at Bywong Street, Toowong. www.qasmt.eq.edu.au

Queensland Academy for Creative Industries has been developed in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) for students wishing to pursue a career in Design and Technology, Media, Film, Music, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, or one of the emerging creative professions in Business or Industry. It is located at 61 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove (in the Kelvin Grove Urban Village). http://qaci.eq.edu.au

Queensland Academy for Health Sciences is partnered with Griffith University. It provides students with opportunities to pursue clinical professions including medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, optometry, as well as careers in public health, education and medical research. It is located at Edmund Rice Drive at Southport on the Gold Coast. http://qahs.eq.edu.au


Internet Site

Albany Creek State High School


Aspley State High School


Aviation High


Balmoral State High School


Bracken Ridge State High School


Bremer State High School


Brisbane Bayside State College


Brisbane State High School


Brisbane Youth Education and Training Centre


Bundamba State Secondary College


Calamvale Community College


Cavendish Road State High School


Centenary State High School


Coorparoo Secondary College


Corinda State High School


Craigslea State High School


Earnshaw State College


Everton Park State High School


Ferny Grove State High School


Forest Lake State High School


Glenala State High School


Holland Park State High School


Indooroopilly State High School


Ipswich State High School


Kedron State High School


Kelvin Grove State College


Kenmore State High School


Lowood State High School


MacGregor State High School


Mansfield State High School


Milpera State High School


Mitchelton State High School


Mount Gravatt State High School


Nyanda State High School


Queensland Academy for Creative Industries


Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology


Redbank Plains State High School


Rochedale State High School


Rosewood State High School


Runcorn State High School


Sandgate District State High School


Springfield Central State High School


Stretton State College


Sunnybank State High School


The Gap State High School


Wavell State High School


Whites Hill State College


Woodcrest State College


Wynnum State High School


Yeronga State High School


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Very good of you to share it. An excellent post.

I might just add that while Brisbane State High takes entry from all over based on performance/entrance exams a house in the catchment in highly prized by some as a way to get their child entry. Brisbane State High is the only state high school that plays sport in the independent schools sporting association (GPS), maintains its own rowing sheds etc etc - in some ways is regarded as a state school in the private system.

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