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I hope someone will be able to help me out with this...

My husband is currently in the process of receiving a 457 visa to Australia (our visa application has been lodged).

We worked out that if our visa application was to be approved, we would immigrate to Australia in June 2012 (roughly).

In order for us to survive financially, I would need to get a job as well else, unfortunately, we would have to cancel our application and we really do not want to do that! I am currently looking for job as an Administrator, Data Capturer, Receptionist, Switchboard Operator, PA, Office Manager etc.( I am currently a PA t othe branch Manager.) I have attached my CV for your convenience.

Also, I just found out that I am pregnant and worried that this will affect my chances of getting a job.



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Heard about this person:

Neen Lavender

Telephone :- 02 8404 1148

Mobile 0450 624 953

Email n.lavender@staffing.com.au

Website www.staffing.com.au

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Hey Andrea

Congrats on your pregnancy AND your move! Very exciting :-)

I've only been in Sydney for a couple of weeks but believe that the temp situation here is loads better than in RSA. Maybe it'd be worth looking at that once you arrive? There seems to be temp positions where you work flexi hours or a certain number of hours a week rather than hours set in stone. Maybe think about that for a while until your little one arrives. It would also give you experience which would help with applying for a perm position.

All the best and good luck.

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It is really difficult to secure a job while still in RSA. There are however, plenty of these jobs available that you are looking for - just have a look at seek.com.au - I might be wrong here as well (and I really hope I am) but you may also find it difficult securing a position while your husband is here on a 457 visa. Maybe someone that was/is in the same boat as you are, may be able to shed some positive light on this issue. I don't know what your financial situation is or what your hubby is going to earn, but we landed in mid 2008, with 2 children aged 12 & 16 with no job, just a few $ in the bank to help see us through at least 1-2 months in Australia. We were hoping that hubby would secure a job within the first 2 weeks but he was only able to get a job after 6 weeks here in Sydney. And then, he only earned $45,000 per year. It was a big struggle but we managed quite well actually - I'm amazed that we struggle to make ends meet now after almost 4 years, both of us working full time and combined income way higher than what he earned in the beginning and when I think back on those few months on the low income, I was so much more relaxed. I only started working 6 months after our arrival. Is there really no way that you might be able to survive on your hubby's income alone for the first few weeks until you can secure maybe a part-time position somewhere?

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Thank you very much to everyone who gave me some advice, really appreciate it:-)

My husband is being sponsored by a company called Sunlite Hardware in Bondi Beach, 10 mins from the beach (lucky!). He will be earning roughly $60 000 p/a.

My husband has worked out that our financials will be at a minus if I do not get a job and now he wants to either stay in South Africa and be able to support the baby and I (no problem) or go to Australia with another sponsor or me and a job.

Moving to Australia has been my biggest dream (besides a baby) and it is a great opportunity that we have in our hands. The baby is bad timing

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We came over on a 457 in 2008 and were initially earning under $50k on hubby's salary alone. We were just fine. Perhaps you should rather be asking questions about a realistic budget. Sure, if you're planning on getting Foxtel, 2 brand new cars and living in a massive house on the beach, you won't be able to manage. But if you're prepared to take a step down in order to get your foot in Australia's door, then you'll be just fine. stay in an apartment to begin with - there are thousands of lovely apartments on the Northern Beaches.

You should be able to get along fine on $60k to start with and you could supliment the income with temp work. 457 sponsorships don't come along everyday - grab the opportunity with both hands! What you should also arrange with the sponsor before coming over is that they will arrange for you to be paid the Living Away From Home Allowance (LAHFA). This is essentially a tax break that you get but has to be done by the employer as it is a fringe benefit tax. It helped us immensely when we first arrived.

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I agree with Mrs Mupersan in Canberra - you will be fine on $60k for the 2 of you AND bub. You'll be able to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in Bondi for as little as $450 p.w. (which for Bondi is not that bad). If you're hubby is willing to commute by train or bus you can even get rentals for as low as $300-$350 just 5-10 minutes from Bondi. I know it sometimes is hard for people still in RSA to get their mind around the idea of commuting by train & bus but that's the way of life here and many people only drive their cars over weekends (if ever) because they use public transport - it's easier and at least they don't have to pay for parking (which could be a nightmare in Sydney).

I'm not sure what kind of budget your hubby is working on for you, realistically, $60k is more than enough for 2 adults and a baby. Like I said in my previous post, we were 4 adults (and teenagers that couldn't stop eating) and we were fine on $45k. We payed $425 p.w. for our rental then. We never went hungry and I was able to make all ends meet. I really hope that you could persuade your hubby to make the move without you securing a job - many forumites have tried to get a job while still in RSA and it is really hard because all the adds on vacancies would mention that they want you to be living in Australia already.

Good luck!

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Thank you everyboday for all your wonderful advice.

Heymanse, I really do not want to give up my dream of immigrating to Australia as we have it in our hands!!!

I am currently in contact with Neen whom Carolientijie referred me to and she was saying that in my current field (PA) there are no shortages of PA's in Australia and it is quite difficult to get a job in that specific field as well as secure a job as most people do not like doing interviews over Skype.

She is a lovely lady and very honest. So we are talking and I wil take it from there.

I am praying to God to make it work out for us as I am more convinced than ever now that we are going to have a baby that Australia is the best future for all of us. I believe that everything happens for a reason so, if in the end, God decides it wasnt meant for us after all then we will have to have faith in him and trust his decision for us:-) In the meantime, please keep your fingers crossed for us.

PS. Our immigration officer, Fred, just informed us on an update on our visa application. He said that he is just waiting for our medical results and then once they recieve that, the DIAC office will be able to give us an answer.

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Hi everybody,

Thank you all so much for all your advice.

My husband and I emailed his new employee and the man responisble for our sponsorship. We informed him about our pregnancy and of our worries financially and he has gone forward with cancelling our visa!!!!

I didnt want it to come to this and I am deeply saddened by the news that I can not live my dream and immigrate to Australia. The good news though is that I have little baba on the way and we are both really looking forward to meeting him/ her.

We didnt plan for it to happen this way, but God works in mysterious ways and I still dont understand the path he has put us on but I believe everything happens for a reason.

We were told, however, that if we ever think about immigrating to Australia again, he is more than happy to reopen discussions (We will definitely consider it in the future) and that will be at the back of my mind ALL THE TIME!!!

For now, we just gonna sit back and enjoy South Africa, the taxi's (drive me bloody nuts), the braai's and all our good friends and family before we EVENTUALLY immigrate to Australia.

Good luck to everybody on the forum, I wish you the very best.

I will still be in contact regularly.

God Bless you all


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