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Why Many May Find It Hard To Break Into The Mining (Or Similar) Industry!


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Copied from a newspaper comment - while everyone is shouting about a skill shortage:

....there ARE qualified and eager people wanting the work, but it's bloody hard to break through a fabric of "mates rates" (Contractors/Clusters) and subterfuge weaved by Centrelink, Workplace Relations, The Minerals Council of Australia, DIAC, and the Resources/Business/Corporate Sector....You may know the mining game NOT the employment arena. MCA Integrity Review 2008....This is why it's NOW so bloody hard to get in...read and be enlightened as to the lengths all parties will go to.....Google all major employer groups like say Master Builders, and attach "457 Submission" or "Skilled Worker Submission" into your search engine and see how they play in the background...

Read here: http://www.perthnow....3-1226316541934

....There is ZERO design or R&D work in Australia which is what an engineer is for. We only hire local engineers because you typically need 4 engineers to sign off on a project and having an English name puts clients minds at ease. Most engineers are deployed in the wrong sector."....

and here: http://www.perthnow....3-1226311485640

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