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Looking For Assistance Finding Farmers For Dairy / Cattle Farm In Greenwald, Vic.


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I am not South African, I have spent a couple of weeks there in 2009 and met some wonderful people. I also learnt of the plight of alot of farmers in South Africa and the hardships they are going through. Now that my mother is sick and will not be well enough to continue to run her farm in Greenwald, Victoria, we are looking to either find share farmers who will work and live on the property, with the option of purchasing if they wish to do so, or straight out buyers. I thought of extending the offer to South Africans after attempts to find an Australian buyer proved unsuccessful, as there are not alot of young Australians interested in farming it would seem.

Could anyone please give me some advise on where I should advertise this? I am sure there are some websites that would specialise in this kind of thing but I am yet to find them.

I will be able to provide alot more detailed information about the farm and area as I have lived and worked there myself for some time.

Thankyou kindly for your time. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.


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Hi Dan,

I dont know any farmers or anyting about farming, but what I do remember about South African farmers is that they have a magazine called "Farmers Weekly" that I used to see in doctors waiting rooms and such places. If nothing comes of your current efforts, perhaps place a ad in their classified section in the mag. Sure the ad will cost you very little. Good luck.

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Hi Dan - welcome to the forum! It would be great if you stuck around a bit and got involved. We currently have a wonderfully insightful Aussie named Bob (he's an honourary South African by association I think!) on the forum who really does help to put some of our experiences into context and perspective for us in our new country. You would be very welcome here I'm sure.

I'm sorry to hear that your mom is ill. My heart goes out to you being so far away. Most of us can empathise with you here as we've had to move so far away from our parents and extended families. I have sent a copy of your post to some farming friends of mine and hopefully they will be interested or know someone who is.

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Thankyou for the kind words and replies. I found the Farmer's Weekly magazine you mentioned Rozellem and will look into that.

I have had a few dealings with visas and sponsorship situations in Australia. They take immense patience and constant chasing or they will be left in a stagnant pile. My soon to be Wife (wedding in May) is a German national and we had some terrific struggles with the Immigration department to get a defacto visa. This was when I was still in the Australian Army and the Army had signed off (after seeing the appropriate evidence) that we were in a defacto relationship. After 11 months of being told they had everything they needed and to wait and recieving no word on its progress, I used my service status and history to guilt the Immigration Department into action - as I sent the same letter to both the Immigration Minister and Opposition Immigration Minister using official army correspondence. It was quickly addressed and they discovered although we had been told to wait for almost a year they still needed documents from us.

I now live in Germany with my Fiancee so we are going through all the fun times again, but with me this time.

My mother was keen to have a share farmer move onto the farm and run things before she fell ill, and after an exhaustive search for Australian share farmers came up with nothing, we were approached by a seemingly lovely Christian missionary lady from the area saying she knew just the bloke, only that he was Nigerian. The bloke was good on paper and the Immigration department (apparently) checked him out and said he was good for the job. He came over as a sponsored migrant and then it all fell apart. He knew nothing, he was actually the tribal underling of one of the chiefs sons, who the Missionary was sleeping with. She had the chiefs son living in her house after she found another poor trusting fool to sponsor him to work in Australia. The Chiefs son was looking to hold an Aussie passport, that was his goal, and he decided to bring one of his servants with him. He took our workers wages for himself and did alot of other rotten things. We are still being sued by them for ceasation of contract and other things like unpaid wages. Even the Immigration department is on our backs regardless of the fact it was their inadequacies that let him through. We are getting on top of them at the moment and winning the court cases so far - hopefully it will result in a few deportations and if I had my way a bit of jail time for the missionary for fraud. It has been very traumatic for my mother and she is very wary of doing this again. So this time I am, as well as I can from my current work location, sorting it out.

That said, I have seen the dark side of the Immigration department quite a bit, so any advice I can give I will be happy to. I will visit the site from time to time and see what I can contribute, Thankyou Mrs Mupersan.

By the way. My current job has me working with and meeting alot of South Africans in similar jobs, and our head chefs at work are South Africans too, so we get treated to a lekker brai every now and then.

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http://www.landbou.com/geklassifiseerde_advertensies I suggest you ask another Safer to help you with this one as it in Afrikaans

http://www.sabona.com.au/articles_detail.ews?articles_detail.ewdid=168 could be of interest



Hope the above helps. Have asked some contacts in SA if they can recommend any other links. Will let you know if I hear back from them.

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