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Hairdressers Who Can Do South African Hair In Sydney?


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I've been in Sydney for 10 years but I just can't find a hairdresser who can do my thick (but not purely african) mixed south african hair. I've had to resort to boxed relaxers and they're ruining my hair, I just really need to find a good hair dresser in Sydney?! I don't want to braid my hair as I find it kinda makes my hair awful afterwards and that my hair kinda breaks off as a result, and it's also ridiculously expensive to do regularly.

I've tried so many Australian hair dressers, only 1 so far able to blow dry my hair effectively but none able to do regular treatments effectively/who I can trust not to ruin my thick but also very fragile hair. I've tried the brazilian keratin treatments, ionic hair straightening etc, but they' either don't work or are too short term to warrant the expense.

So, good south african hairdressers in Sydney?? Any exist?

Would appreciate any recommendations :).

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Hi Fantabulous

I sent you a PM (private message).

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There is a South African Hairdresser in Dural. Her salon's name is Monjas Hair and beauty her name is Rika Phone: (02) 9651 6632

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Hi F,

I'm a South African hairdresser trained to work with what is classified as ethnic hair. Be aware that Aus trained hairdressers are not. In fact, it was not even on the standard curriculum in RSA till 1992. I am not surprised that you struggle to find someone to do it here and that your hair now feels worse for wear. It is extremely specialized and completely different field of hairdressing. You will get nowhere using Caucasian hair products on your fragile hair. Sorry to say that I have not worked with your kind of hair for 15 years and would not like you to be my guinea pig, so I did a bit of googling for you instead.


It looks like you can at least buy your home care products from them. Then ask them if they can recommend someone to take care of your other hairdressing needs. Hope this helps and good luck.

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thanks for all your responses, I will definitely try out your suggestions.

Thanks for you recommendation Rozelle, I had found the blackhaircare website before, but for some reason their recommendations were mostly for african hair dressers, and often they're used to a different kind of hair :S, they can't blow dry very well, but are really good at braids/weaves and can do some chemical hair straightening treatments. Also, I'm not really sure what home care products is best for my kind of hair, which is another reason I wanted to find a hair dresser - to get some recommendations on products.

I will try all the suggestions and see how I go, I really appreciate the guidance - you have no idea!

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It's 9 years later...I have same problem. Guess I'll have to take a hairdressing course to do my own hair. I nearly cried when hairdresser just chopped off my hair, left a few long strands and voila, that's the layered look. Btw maybe you should do keratin. I've never had to do keratin, only wash, blow out and touch up with flat iron. 

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