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I have worked in Paarl in the 90s and have later migrated to Australia and have now got Aussi citizenship, after 10 years in Sydney. Originally I am from Europe. I have worked as an Australian registered migration agent for the last 7 years and am now heading back for Southern Africa, beacuse of the "verlang" :-)

I look forward to contributing to and benefiting from this very well organized forum with some info.

At present, I am looking to ship around 15 cubicmeters of household items from Sydney to preferrably Maputo or maybe Durban in May 2012. Can anyone recommnend a relaible, value for money service for this?



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Avode Wridgeways at all cost..............I know of myself and a few other South Africans that made use of them in 2009 when alot of us was send back to SA after the recession.They work with Elliots in SA..........Elliots are a great company if you move from SA to OZ.....

Another company is Kent they work inconjunction with Stuttafords in SA.

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