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1St Visit To Adelaide. Looking To Meet Members.


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Hey everyone

My husband and I will be in Adelaide from 29th february till 8th March. This is our first visit before we make our permanent move towards the end of this year.

Would possibly love to meet some of the forum members during this visit.

Anyone interested in joining us for tea of coffee during our visit (or even drinks)? Please let me know a date, time and place.

We are staying at a B&B in the city.

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I'd really like to meet up, show you both the Adelaide Hills region and what it has to offer new South Africans. There are heaps of them making Mt Barker and surrounding district their new home.

Just 30 mins drive down the South Eastern Freeway, we live in a countryside region with no parking problems when shopping, new housing available, great schools and lots of big blocks of land for sale with "room to swing a cat".

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