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New In Sydney, Looking For Friends!


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Hey everyone,

My name is Kim, I just arrived in Sydney a day ago! I was in Brisbane for 3 years before this so not entirely new to Oz but am a newbie in Sydney and dont know many people. I tend to be quite a social butterfly and wanting to meet anyone and everyone!

Specifially hoping to make some good South African friends around my own age too (18-25years)!

So if you, your kids, your neighbor, your cat, anyone, are happy to make new friends and are in their younger years (or young at heart) then I would love to hear from you!! :)

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yay a new friend!! hahahah

Sounds great, Jess! unfortunately I have caught a horrible cold over the last couple days so I have decided to use this weeked for bed rest.... but I would love to still meet up another time!

Im not entirely sure how to use sa australia but Ill try see if Im able to message you so we can exchange numbers :) If not, I shall try searching you on fb as I actually know how to use that hahaha!

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Hey, moved to Sydney from SA 3 weeks ago! Also don`t know many people and have been working so much that I haven`t had the time to go out and explore yet, let me know if you want to go and do something!

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Hey, this is probably way too late. I live in Newcastle now after immigrating several years ago. Are you still in the area?

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