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We also arrived in January and settled in South Australia as I was offered a job. Sadly it has not worked out and we are looking for work as well. My son has settled in at the local school and my daugher who is 20years is finding it difficult to settle and find her feet. We just have to be positive and hopefully something will come up. We are here because of our children and to give them a better and safe future. If there is anyone out there from Adelaide, love to hear from you. I am looking for work in the furniture industry, called cabinet maker here. Got 20 years experience and at this stage I will start from the bottom again. Looking in newspapers, etc and applied on line and phone but no luck. Good luck with the future.

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Hi Mark, sorry to hear it hasn't worked out for you but I'm glad you have a positive attitude that things will eventually come right.

If I can offer you some advice,print your CV and take it round personally to funiture manufacturers or kitchen makers. It's harder for someone to say no to your face!

Maybe you should not limit yourself to just being a cabinet maker? I've heard of plenty of people who change careers: maybe do a forklift driver course, or heavy duty truck driver's licence?

Remember that there are also possibilities for assistance through centrelink.

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Hi, Im not sure if you are aware of the facebook group “South Africans in Adelaide”, there is about three groups, join the one with the larger number of members (600), you will be in contact with more ex South Africans…..

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Hi Mark

It is hard the kids have there friends and they miss them.

I asked my younger son of 18 if he wanted to go back and he said no. The best way to make friends for anyone here is join clubs of your interest.

We have friends who's daughters were also looking for friends they put a seeking friends tile on the poms in adelaide forum and now have a really great little group of girls and lads betweeen the ages of 18-25 yrs. They meet up at gleng and come from around the southern suburbs. P.M. if you want there contact numbers for you daughter.

I sometimes think I should have do this when mine were smaller. My daughter and son-in-law left in October 2011 with my grandchildren. My son-in-law just loves Cape Town had never been out of the country until we came here.

They have gone back 3 times and guess what have realised that they are better off here. We are now looking at getting tickets back from Cape Town to Adelaide. Singapore Airlines are the cheapest $1000. So muggins here is paying for them to come back but I'm happy to do so.

My daughter told her husband she was giving him 6 months this time to make it or break it. He has gone and quoted for kitchen's and there is no interest from clients they don't want to pay $6000.00 to have a kitchen built and fitted. He thought they would fit right back into the old life and make lots of money.

He used to work for Jag Kitchens in Anzac Highway. Take your c.v. in there you never know he migth be looking. Also try the little industrial areas the small cabinet makers might want you.

I used to walk around with c.v"s in my bag and any hair salon I passed I would ask for the owner or manager and chat to them while giving out my c.v.

Have you looked at Londale and Sea Ford Industial areas?

As I said it is hard and you will find the right place to work, just don't give up and think possitive all the time.

I love it here.


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