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Finally On Our Way To Brisbane


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So glad I came upon this site today. My husband is leaving for Brisbane early March, will be working in Banyo (any cheap furnished accomodation recommendations welcome). Me and the kids (age 5 and 2) will be on our way end March (also looking for affordable furnished house when we arrive, something long term, taking into consideration school for 5 yr old, North Lakes looks good).

It's been a long road, can't beleive it has all come together, stressed out about getting everything done !!

We are also looking to buy a cheap car cash as soon as my husband arrives(he starts working quite soon), is that easy, or involve a lot of paperwork? Again, any referrals will be welcome.

Can't even wrap my head around saying goodbye to family and friends, just taking one day at a time.

The long flight with 2 kids is also on my mind. How have your kids dealt with the change in time, does it take long for them to settle into new routine?

Hopefully I will be able to contribute to this site and not ask a million questions !!!

All advice is appreciated.

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The long flight with 2 kids is also on my mind. How have your kids dealt with the change in time, does it take long for them to settle into new routine?

I found the flight quite easy but we did struggle with our toddler's jetlag. She was wide awake and wanting to play (when i REALLY wanted to sleep) from 1am until 4am for at least the first 3 nights. I would say she was more or less back in a routine by the end of the first week.

Good luck :)

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Welcome to Australia, Brisbane. We have been living here fir the past 4 years and loving it! Herewith a few pointed for Brisbane:

Great Church Group: Citipointe Church in Mansfield http://citipointechurch.com (Currently have more than 800 South Africans in the congregation and great for support)

They also have an 8h30 Afrikaans Service on Sunday mornings.

They also have a Campus on the Northern side http://north.citipointechurch.com/

Great School: Citipointe Christian College which is part of Citipointe Church http://www.brisbane.coc.edu.au

Great Area to live in the South East: Wakerley, Carindale (close to school), Cleveland where lots of South Africans stay (Again good for support)

When you decide to stay on the northern side, just be aware of the trafic going north in the afternoon. We prefer the South East side which is 18km from Brisbane CBD, 12km from Airport, easy to get onto highway north and south to Gold Coast.

Don't worry, your kids will adapt much faster than you do and when you join CCC school, they will provide extra classes for your child to learn English and will also allow you to come and assist in the classrooms during school time in the beginning. It is amasing how fast they adapt when they start playing with the other children....that is why Christian education is the preferred option.

Always remind yourself that the family is only a flight away and as all South Africans, you will bring the family over to come and visit you which is GREAT! Just think about it like this, if you did not relocate to Australia then most of your family and friend would never have the opportunity to travel outside South Africa. We find that they are very keen to come and visit because it is a awesome experience for them as well and in between visits......we use Skype (a lot!).

Believe me, 4 years late, if we had to do all the paper work again.... I WILL DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. We are so bless to live in Brisbane Australia.

See you soon!

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We have been in Brisbane almost 11 months. Our kids are 7 and 3. They have adapted VERY quick and VERY well. The public school my son attends is excellent ( the christian education Nemo mentioned is not really a necessity OR guarantee of faster involvement OR happiness). My son's school also provided additional classes and support for my son and he did amazingly well. I made friends with the mom's and arranged play dates and get-together's in the park. The public schools in the North are excellent - I can email you the statistics on all the schools in Brisbane.

We live about 20 km north of the cbd (we prefer the northern suburbs like Everton Hills, Albany Creek, Bridgeman Downs, Ferny Hills, Mcdowall, my hubby makes use of public transport and it takes him about 25 mins to get to his work. From North Lakes, you are looking at 1 hour to the city if using trains.

Brisbane is amazing, we LOVE it here!!!!

Good luck with the last stretch :D

Pm me if you want, I am happy to meet up with you and the kids and let me know if I can help with anything :ilikeit:

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That's very exciting! Will have to have a get together when we get there...

Good luck with the move, no advice as not there yet!


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