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Car Insurance In South Australia


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Any recommendations/suggestions regarding which insurance companies to use for car insurance and household goods in South Australia.

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Hi Ellen,

there's quite a lot of choice with insurance companies. If at all possible get something from your current insurer regarding claims (if it's good). We had 13 bicycles stolen before coming here!

We have our vehicles and homes insured with the RAA.

Our local office is in Morphett Vale...walk in, get a quote and walk out insured. Monthly premiums and no hassle.

I had a claim when a gas hot water heater caught alight and they were great.

The premiums every month for vehicles are $57 for a Kia Carnival and $42 for a Ford KA.

Hope that this helps.


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I reckon that the Royal Automobile Association ( "R.A.A.") has pretty much the best deals for South Australians living in this State.

If you join the R.A.A., you get a bit of a discount on all insurance policies, especially if you insure your cars and household goodies in a package with them, too.

I've been doing it for a number of years . . . . . even had to make a claim once for $6,000 . . . . and I feel they offer a good package.

Check out S.G.I.C., the former State Government Insurance Commission, to see what rates and deals they have to offer also.

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