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Suburbs In Perth Near The Metro On The Northern Side Of The River


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Hi all,

I’m relocating to Perth in February. I was wondering if any of you have good advice on the suburbs that is north of the river near the metro. I will be working in Mill street and would like to rent a 2/2 or 3/2 modern or new house/villa/townhouse/unit that is pet friendly for the first six months. I hate travelling and traffic. Something with access to public transport and no further than 30 minutes from work in peak time would be ideal. This will give me ample time to explore my new surroundings and decide where I would like to live and buy in the future. Any advice would be welcome!

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Hi Adelia

As a rough guide... I'd look for something to the West of Wanneroo road. That ocean breeze in the afternoon is a lifesaver!

You could go as far as Carine/Dun Craig and still make it to work within 30min on most days. (Some days are a little worse due to the road works at the moment but will only add an extra 5 min or so)

The best would be to stay somewhere near one of the train stations along the Mitchell freeway and make use of public transport. (Train works out much cheaper than fuel & parking in the city)

(Only area I might avoid in that space would be Osborne park which is largely an 'industrial' area)

In general, the closer to the coast the nicer the suburb.... Also find the nicer homes around the parks.

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i would recommend the inner east suburbs - highgate, mount lawley, inglewood, bedford (first being most expensive and then less expensive as you move more out on Beaufort Street from the CBD).

travel times are 5-30 minutes by bus with these suburbs. 5 - 14 mins by car to the CBD.

as far as I am concerned anything along Beaufort Street is 'the place to be'

you can also try Subiaco and West Perth to the west of the CBD and East Perth to the east - both expensive though - but about 5-10 mins to CBD

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