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Malaysian Airlines


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With effect from 31 Jan Malaysian Airlines will no longer be flying to Johannesburg, so if you are holding flights booked after those dates, contact your travel agent and have them re-book you.

Sorry I forgot to add that this will also effect the Kuala Lumpur Cape Town - Buenos Aires route.

They have canclled the following routes

• Effective January 6: Daily flights Kuala Lumpur – Surabaya

• Effective January 10: Thrice-weekly Kuala Lumpur – Dubai

• Effective January 12: Twice-weekly Kuala Lumpur – Karachi – Dubai

• Effective January 13: Twice-weekly Kuala Lumpur – Dubai – Damman

• Effective January 30: Daily Langkawi – Penang – Singapore

• Effective January 31: Thrice-weekly Kuala Lumpur – Johannesburg

• Effective February 1: Twice-weekly Kuala Lumpur – Cape Town – Buenos Aires

• Effective February 2: Thrice-weekly Kuala Lumpur – Rome

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That's the second airline that I know of that is cancelling routes.

Times are getting tough in the aviation industry.

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My wish is that VAustralia would restart the Melbourne to Jhb route again .... 13 hours non stop flying was way better than including the stop overs for those of us in MEL!!

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