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Taking The Plunge


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Hi everyone

I joined the forum only a short while back and already discovered it's a treasure chest of knowledge.

Well me and my wife have decided to take the plunge and make the move to Aus.

We have just returned from a two week visit to her folks who live in Aus, and after about a week worth of deliberation, we have made up our minds, Aus here we come.

I am going to try and get the 176 visa, although I'm not too sure which one will be quicker, relative sponsored or state sponsored?

We can get my in-laws to sponsor us as relatives, but I was told then that our application would be priority 5. Is this correct? I thought all 176's were priority 3.

Anybody know for sure?

Looking forward to any replies.

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Hi Kowalski

Congratulations on your decision :ilikeit:

We initially applied on a family sponsorship but then after about 2,5 years converted to a 176 State Sponsorship. It went quite quickly from then (about 8/9 months to getting a CO). I do know that converting to the 176 moved our priority up, but I can't tell you exactly how many places. We were just glad to be closer to the top than we were :D

Good luck with your application and planning. It's very exciting :ilikeit:

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Congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life...!

176 Family Sponsored is definitely Priority 5. It could take many years. Only 176 State Sponsored visas are Priority 3. Therefore State migration is the way to go, only of course, if your occupation is on the list of whichever state you choose.

Here is a link from DIAC's website about visa processing times:


Good luck and enjoy the ride!



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Hey guys

Thanks for the quick feedback. :ilikeit:

Well it looks like we will have to go the state sponsored route. No problem, just adds one more step to the process, but looks like overall it will be quicker.

Now I need to book my IELTS for Jan and get this ball rolling properly.

Thanks again guys! :ilikeit:

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Welcome to the Forum!

We applied for a 176 Visa with State Sponsorship, and even though the initial collection of paperwork is quite a long process (whichever approach you follow), the time period between actually sumbitting our 176 application until our Visa was granted, went fairly fast.

Good luck with everything.

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This forum has been a comfort zone, support group and fountain of knowledge for me....

Good luck with your journey - we have been in Oz for 8 months and have not regretted it once :ilikeit:

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We also went the 176 route.

We submitted the visa application in July 2009, and had the visa issued in Feb 2010 - so much faster than we anticipated!!

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