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Counsellor/pscyhologist? Jobs And/or Advice


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We have just arrived - in the process of settling children into schools, container unpacked and now reality is knocking ...

I was hoping that there would be someone working as a counsellor or in a similar field who could give me some employment leads for Brisbane ... I am a Registered Counsellor with a number of years experience but seem to fall through the cracks in OZ. They don't seem to recognise counsellors unless you have studied counselling specifically or they are looking for a Psychologist (I was hoping to do my Masters here only to find out that I would have to redo Honours at least to even be eligible ... UGH!) So if someone could give me a nudge in the right direction I would appreciate it ... search keywords etc. and whether we are eligible to work in private practice here? Have approached various Associations for membership and am awaiting their responses. Will start looking for jobs in earnest in January ... but otherwise will have to resort to taking whatever comes my way. Thanks ... :blink:

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