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Pickling - Which Vinegar?


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I am considering making some Mrs Balls chutney and the recipe calls for brown grape vinegar...

In the shops I can find

brown vinegar - which I assume is just acetic acid with colour

brown malt vinegar - which I know is used in the UK for pickling onions


red wine vinegar

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried making it, how it turned out and which vinegar they used.

PS I have a bottle of Mrs Balls in the fridge and can get it locally - I'm just trying to be domestic!

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I have never heard of Brown Grape Vinegar, you only get white or red grape vinegar.

I would go with brown malt vinegar. Thats the norm for pickeling and chutneys as long as you have an acetic content of 5% you should be okay with either brown malt or wine vinegar.

Chutney is an Indain/Malay thing, they never had grape vines!!! So malt should be good.

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Thanks Erica

That's what I was hoping to hear - I too have never heard of brown grape vinegar - although my OH swears it is what his mum uses.

The fruit seems to have massively shot down in price so I think that now maybe the time to give it a go.


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