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We Have A Small Car For Sale


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Hi all,

Wanted to post here as most will see it then. We are selling our small car - it's a Red Ford Festiva.

It's still in great condition, exterior and interior including! Fuel comsumption is amazing (hubby drives +-20km a day) and only fills every 3rd week with $50!

Got 143 000km on the clock, Full service history!

Reason we are selling, hubby got a promotion at work (yes after only 4 months!!!) and will be getting a brand new company car. I already have a car, so this will be surplus to our needs.

We would like $2000 for it (to ensure quick sale as we don't have space for additional cars), bought it for $3000 4 months ago from a dealer.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested. Would really appreciate any assistance in getting it sold.

Thanks guys xx

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Hi There .... at the off-chance that you still have it in January when we arrive in Adelaide I would be happy to see and consider your car. Having said this, I am sure you will sell it before then - Good luck with your sale, Craig

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Hi Mike

Will send PM now thanks

Craig - we are hoping to have it sold by January, if not will keep you in mind thanks!

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Car is still for sale

More pictures can be sent via email for anyone interested!



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