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Karen: Hello from Canada


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Hello Saussies,

I ventured here from SA Canada, where I have been happily active for the past three years.

I hope you guys will enjoy your forum as much as we do.

My interest in Australia stems mainly from the fact that my sister has lived there for almost ten years, and I have had the privilege of visiting your fair country twice, the last time being in April 2005. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of all we did and saw, and I think those of you who are living /going to be living in Australia, can consider yourselves very lucky folk. For the record, I am happily installed in Toronto for the past almost 13 years and now consider myself to be a true Sanuck!

What I am interested in, is learning about ESL teaching in Australia, just to compare methods etc with those we use here in Canada. How are kids ( and adults) who are not native speakers catered for in the system?

My aim is to start an online ESL website in the near future, and I wonder if I will be able to reach any students in Australia as well? I have just completed an ESL qualification at a Canadian university and , although I have taught ESL for over twenty years, both here and in SA, I am now able to venture forth and expand my experience in this area in cyberspace as well as in the classroom.

My best wishes to all of you in your new lives Downunder,

Karen the Sanuck.

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Hi Karen

Good to see you here :) Sure will see what I can find out from USQ and kids school when we get there (unless of course we end up in Canada :) ). We still have quite a few months to go though......

Brilliant idea about the web site!

Caroline :lol:

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