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June Temperatures


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Hi all,

We finally received our 176 Visa on Thursday, which was my 40th birthday so I couldn't have asked for a better present and now we want to come to Canberra for two weeks in May or June to look for jobs, accomodation and schools etc and move later this year. Is June too cold to come over as we dont want to wait till September as we are hoping to be there by then. Also can anyone let me know what the term dates are for schools, I have a daughter who is in grade 3 at the moment and a son in grade 0, I would like to start them at the beginning of a new school term.

Any advice would be great.



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Is June too cold to come over as we dont want to wait till September as we are hoping to be there by then.

I say if you find it too cold to visit Canberra in June then you'll find it too cold to live in Canberra every June! My theory is -if you come in the coldest time of the year, then it can only get warmer. :lol:

Congrats on the visa, best of luck with finding jobs and most of all, enjoy your trip!

Oh, and school terms and dates for Canberra are here: http://www.det.act.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/52170/ACT_School_Term_Dates_2011-2015.pdf

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Hey ....

Canberra is bloody cold in july and August .... even September is chilli ....

My 2 cents ....

Most rentals are availible with short notice ... in say 2 weeks ...

I think that main thing when you come and visit is to find a school that you like and then the area closest to it ...

Try and organise interviews before you leave as sometimes the employment proccess can take a while ...

Consider the cost of a LSD VS making the move .....

Last years weather in Canberra ...

May - http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/dwo/201005/html/IDCJDW2801.201005.shtml

June - http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/dwo/201006/html/IDCJDW2801.201006.shtml



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We are also making the big move in September!!!! :ilikeit: Couting the weeks!

My boys will also start school in October, the last term....

If I look at those temperatures it looks so cold in june, but in Johannesburg it can also get quite cold - sometimes in the minus degrees as well!

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Thanks everyone, yes I supposed we have to get used to the weather, we are spoilt here in East London but I am originally from JHB so I should remember the weather. We will try set up some interviews before we come, especially with recruitment agencies, my hubby is an accountant so it looks like Hays recruitment has alot of positions. We are wanting to take the kids around and get them excited about the big move, and I am sure that they wont care about the weather.

Hopefully we will get to meet some of you when we are there.



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Last year I went with a mate to a Men's Camp just outside Canberra. That was in June.

Clear, sunny days. Clear skies, frost and cold nights.

You'll need woolley jumpers and warm wintery gear to wear in Canberra at that time of the year.

Also, you might be lucky and miss any rain, but pack a raincoat as it is winter-time and that's the main time you can expect rainfall in Canberra and right across southern Australia.

There are heaps of South Africans in Canberra, so get in touch with one of them and get them to show you around the place.

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Alright so we have only had 1 winter in Canberra and I did not feel that it was too cold .Coming from the KZN Midlands helps.Most houses are more than prepared for the cold.

You feel it when you go watch the kids playing Footy at 9am on a Saturday!! Beanies,scarves and jackets then it all comes off as the day warms up. 10am-3pm are often clear and sunny and warm when u r not in the shade. I found that the winter was just very long.The first warm day in September and I was in a dress. When we arrived in September 09 the first thing I noticed was how white everybody looked. No NOT race just pale!!! That it what happens when you are covered up all winter.

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