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Heading To Perth Soon

Nicoleen in SXM

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Hi there,

I have not used the forums much, but after many years of saving and trying to figure out the what, where, when and how, I am planning to be there soon, God willing.

I am going to study Dental Technology in Perth with the idea of using this for PR. Plan a little "look see" trip in April. I was in Australia in October / November last year, but was thinking Brisbane then, so that is where I mostly visited.

Just thought I would say hi and introduce myself on the forum here. Any board members living in the North Perth area?

I will also be looking for a modest little apartment or Granny flat in the North Perth area if anyone has any info on that. I already have one possibility.

In the meantime I am still working as a stewardess on a motor yacht. Not as glamorous as it sounds . . . I am a well paid maid, LOL. But it sure has helped me in saving for the big move.


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Hi Nikki

North Perth is a lovely area and needless to say close to the City/CBD. It is however not the cheapest of places. Also consider Mount Lawley - not much cheaper and the next suburb out but lovely and a few minutes by bus to the CBD.

Let me know if you want more specific advice.

All the best


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