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Starting the process


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Hi everyone,

My name is Karen and we are beginning the journey of making a better life for our little family.

I grew up in Durban (Westville) but am currently living in the UK with my husband and 2 kids (3 and 5). Although we are happy here in some respects, we miss the lifestyle we grew up with. I.e. the sun.

We are applying for a 176 skilled sponsored visa and are hoping that ACT will accept us. I am a primary school teacher and my husband is a Computer Networks and systems Engineer. Ian my husband is working extremely hard getting his skills assessment finished so that it can be sent off before the week end.

Scared but excited is the feeling at the moment.

Anyway nice to meet you all.


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Hi Karen,

Welcome (again!). We also live in the UK and we recently got our 176PR visas after being sponsored by ACT!

So if you need any advice please let me know. Where do you live in the UK? How long have you been here?

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Oh crumbs you are so so lucky. Well done on being successful. When are you planning on going?

I see you probably only live about 20mins away from us ............... this site is great! We are in West Byfleet

just outside Woking.

Thank you so much for your offer of help, we are definitetly going to need it.

At the moment my head is absolutely buzzing.

I saw your reply to a friend of mine KarenHen she was asking for advice on the Canberra

statement. I know we both need lots of help and once I get my head round things I

would love to get some advice.


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Hi Karen,

Welcome and almost any questions you ask will be answered by someone.

Regarding ACT if you have a look under Communities click on ACT / Canberra there is a LOT of useful info goig back a few years, we are also in the process of applying for ACT State Sponsorship, we are using an agent though as i do not have enough faith in myself to do it alone.

Hope to meet you soon in ACT


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