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New Again


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Hi Everyone

We've applied for a 176 8 November and still waiting, think the wait is giving me a stomach ulcer... :)

I really hope this come through, I need to get my children out of this land before they have to grow up without a parent

or be scared for live.....man I'm negative, I know. But I know it's the best thing we can do, isn't it ??

Well, actually just wanted to say Hi.

So HI !!!!!! :D

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hi Woef. the waiting really sucks!

And yes it is the best decision you have ever made. that doesnt mean you wont have sad days and days when you are convinced this is the worst mistake of your life, but once those pass you realise what a good move this is for your kids.

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Welcome Woef.

Good luck with the visa I hope it happens quickly for you. The whole process will be quite stressful but in the end you will be pleased you have done it. The kids will have a much better future and quality of life here.


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Yes, What a wait!

My estimation for the process from start to moving: 586

Current Time passed: 877

Days to go: 3 days

But the wait will end. Hang in there.

Here is the breakdown:

Milestone Date Estimated Date Actual

Decision to deal with OZ Xchange 01-Aug-08 01-Aug-08

Estimated Date of Move 18-Jan-11

Shipping Date 25-Nov-10 25-Nov-10

Start Application Process 22-Aug-08 22-Aug-08

OZ Xchange submit application 10-Mar-09 15-Jun-09

Visa Approved 30-Mar-10 13-Mar-10

Date of IELTS test 11-Oct-08 11-Oct-08

Current Date 15-Jan-11

Date of Arrival in Australia 19-Jan-11

LSDTrip none

Expected Shipment delivery 23-Feb-11


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