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heading to perth


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Emile, If I was you I would look at Rockingham to live. Honestly mate. a little further south is Secret Harbour. Thats about a 40km trip to Armadale.

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Congrats on the job - I also work in planning. :ilikeit: (But I won't mention anything to anyone - I assume you got a job working for the City of Armadale or the ARA). :ilikeit:

If so, then its a good situation to be in - the City of Armadale is currently positioning itself to become one of the satelite centres to Perth. Having said that though, I would work there, but not live there - it is seen as a bit of a "Boganville".

Byford as mentioned is beautiful - it is close to Armadale, yet very rural and "small town" (in a good way). Also, I have heard that they are planning a new town centre for Byford, so it would be a good investment.

Rockingham as mentioned is also a good investment as it is has recently been earmarked as a future satelite centre to Perth.

Perth has a huge range of Architecture - the old areas have beautiful Federation-style architecture, but these areas tend to be closer to the Perth CBD and consequently, are more expensive. As a generalism, as you go further from the centre of Perth, you will find yourself moving through the years - 60's, 70's, 80's etc. The further suburbs are characterised by quite modern architecture including the unfortunate infamous "Maccers Mansions".

I would recommend initially renting somewhere close to work and having a look-see for yourself at all the areas - one mans paradise is another mans hell! :ilikeit:

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